Inheriting the Admirable Family Legacy in the Lord’s Recovery
and Reminiscing Ancestors’ Pioneering Tracks with Blood and Tears

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Dear family members,

Although our parents have passed away, their voice and face remains in our memories. However, as time goes by, their testimonies and stories gradually faded, blurred, vanished, and have been forgotten. Even our children and descendants no longer remember their ancestors.

The Lord’s recovery has such a situation that it has spread to the five continents in the world. It is all attributed to our ancestors’ pioneering tracks in overcoming all obstacles, and to their good testimonies of life with blood and tears. There are so many touching testimonies, stories of loving the Lord, laboring service, patterns in coordination, flourishing life, perseverance, prayer and propagation, etc. The cloud of witnesses have written down the history of the Lord’s recovery page after page.

Brother Watchman Nee said in the preface of The Normal Christian Church Life: “At times, examples have greater value than precepts, because precepts are abstract, while examples are precepts carried into effect. By looking at them, we not only know what God’s precepts are, but we have a tangible demonstration of their outworking.” Let us serve together in coordination to reserve the spiritual inheritance of our parents and ancestors, so that their touching testimonies, living patterns, and living treasures in the Body of Christ, could be the fragrant offerings to Christ, not only as the blessing for the descendants, but also moves people’s heart and becomes the cloud surrounding them livingly.

Material inheritance is dispensable; however, spiritual inheritance is indispensable. Even it is not easy to write it out, but if we would not write any longer, it would be shrouded and buried, and only a cup of loess would be left. Thus, we would feel guilty not only for our ancestors but even more for our future generations.

We hope that we can inherit the admirable family legacy in the Lord’s recovery and reminisce ancestors’ pioneering tracks with blood and tears. The testimonies in which God is manifested in the flesh will encourage the future generations to advance with boldness and to follow the ancestors’ footsteps. Moreover, each generation will be better than the previous generation, being strong, glorious, and victorious.