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2008 Spring Perfecting Training Banner of the Churches
in Yunlin and Chiayi Country

Thru exercising and using our spirit, soul, body, pray, study, recite, prophesy, breath, eat and drink, in order to accept, enter, digest, enjoy the words of the Lord’s ministry, in all the essence and economic of spirit and life.

Thru this, we would be united in life with the Triune God, mingled in nature, become one, to be constituted into the oneness of the Body, and organically utilize the Spirit and the Word of the Lord’s ministry.

Thru this, we in our daily living, can live out the all-inclusive oneness; in service, supply and shepherd others using the Spirit and the Word of the Lord’s ministry.

For the reality of the oneness of the Body of Christ, by the Lord’s mercy and thru the Lord’s grace we can be the Lord’s overcomers, form the vital groups, be in the coordination of the four living creatures, and practice the God-ordained way—Bringing forth, shepherding, teaching, building, Bible study groups; for the increase and the growth of the one new man, for the building of the Kingdom of the Lord, culminating in the New Jerusalem.

Brother Daw-Jieung Lee

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