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A Warrior That Will Battle in the Lord Until the Very End

Brother Xiande Diao and Sister Shuhui Diao-Chen

       Knowing that Brother Lee’s constitution is week these couple of years, especially since after Sister Le has been taken away by the Lord, but I still have seen that he has run the race that the Lord has measured for him this entire life, ran until the end of the road.  Many years ago, in the evergreen meetings in Yonghe, he encouraged the evergreen saints: “We run the race that the Lord has measured for us.  The beginning stretch must be ran well, the middle stretch must be ran well, the last stretch near the end needs to be even better, don’t fork out, don’t fail near the end…”

       The many tribulations, pressure and environment he’s experienced, he is like a veteran on the battlefield, fought the whole way to the end.  Upon our brother there are truly many special points, providing a good example for us later serving ones to emulate.  Summarized as below:

  1. He is a man who exercise his spirit: Towards pray-reading the Lord’s word, exercise the spirit, he has a unique testimony and exercise.  He often says: “We pray read to enjoy the Lord’s word, we can’t just rub our lips with it, must eat it; don’t swallow it whole, need to chew it thoroughly.”  Be it calling on the name of the Lord or pray-reading the Lord’s word, it is not a machine-like kind of exercise, it is a lifestyle, even more so a sweet enjoyment.  I personally see many saints, due to his help, truly touched the Lord in their spirit, some even tears up and repented to the lord, to men, some even cried out loud and consecrated themselves again, passing the stage on the matter of the exercise of the spirit.
  2. He is a man who exercises his character: Many people has fellowshipped concerning the thirty character points, but upon Brother Lee, it is acted on his person he has accepted the arrangements of the work when he was over sixty years old, going far off midst of South America to propagate in Paraguay, he brought the ministry of the present age to that land, he eagerly practiced learning language, in no time, he can use English and Spanish to release messages, though there are other people that help him translate, but still practiced hard, this attitude is worth our admiration. His daughter Shoulin is an English teacher, Brother Lee often ask her for instruction, just this point along is worth our praise.
  3. The burden of consecration: In those years, the churches in various localities needed to build meeting halls, which requires drumming up the burden of consecration, and Brother Lee has such a gift. I remember that back in the year of renovation of the meeting hall of the Church in Yonghe, the church’s savings were a meager six hundred thousand NTD, but the building fees are as high as 25 million, the responsible brothers did not have enough faith, and especially asked Brother Lee to come fellowship, he used 1 Chronicles 29:14 to encourage us: “But who am I, and who are my people, that we should have strength to offer so willingly in this way? For all things are from You, and from Your hand we have given to You.”  Brother Lee also said: “Your savings in the early banks are limited, but you can always make withdrawals from the heavenly bank.”  All those who heard this word and practiced this are blessed, we are all benefactors on the matter of offerings in the church.
  4. The service towards the saints: I and my wife’s wedding is served by Brother Lee and Sister Lee. By the Lord’s mercy, we also serve the weddings of many brothers and sisters, we’ve accepted their service and observed and learned from besides them, how to such for the Lord’s desire, and how to communicate with parents from both sides, how to stand form when encountering obstacles, how to move about the saints during the phase of fellowship…  On him we see a god-man being lived out, he doesn’t give you a way or a path, always bring people before the Lord, he does his all to act and live according to the mingled spirit, he is faithful towards this portion of the ministry of the present age, treasure the message of this ministry, doesn’t do his own work, only do the work of building the Body of Christ, these are all examples for us to follow!

Church in Xinzhu  Brother Xiande Diao and Sister Shuhui Diao-Chen

In Remembrance

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