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A Warrior’s Spirit, a Prudent Soul

Brother Jin-Ji Wang

       In 72th year of the Republic of China, I first came to the City of Chiayi, and happens to coincide with the renovation of Hall One of the Church in Chiayi, hearing many sweet, fragrant, joyful testimonies and consecrations, most of them surround the Bible verse that Brother Lee has proclaimed with all his might, Zechariah 4:6 “…Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says Jehovah of hosts.”

       At that time when resources and money are sparse, only thru the Lord’s Word, the one accord of all, believing and utilizing the Lord’s Word, completed what was a very monumental challenge for the time, built a rare building with an elevator in Chiayi City.  This goes to testify that Brother Lee is the wise and prudent good servant that the Lord uses.

       Of course, Brother Lee also has the warrior spirit of Caleb, started to learn Spanish at age 65, went to propagate in Paraguay bravely for eighteen years with Sister Lee, only returned to Chiayi City at the age of 84.  This also truly testify of the God that can make something out of nothing, is present with your brother the whole way, brought forth many fruits of the Holy Spirit in Paraguay.

       In his humanity, our brother often accompanied and encouraged us young people, to be fervent in the spirit, often serve the Lord.  He often spoke of himself as being a soldier, everything that he has is from the Lord, so we ought to prioritize the Lord’s matters first, it should be the first thing on our hearts.  In addition, I need to testify He and Sister Lee, are like paint on gel, never apart, they are truly the model for God and man, between husband and wife.  But he leads by example, want us to be attentive of our family’s harmony and one accordness, practice the God-man family, to glorify God.

       In the past few years, Brother Lee’s body is not at peace, not suited to go visit far off places, but I will testify, those that come specially to visit him in Chiayi, is truly indescribable, the meeting hall he lives in also became a hot pilgrim destination for saints all over the island and even all corners of the earth.  It’s marvelous that we must schedule visitors at times.

       Our Brother taught people his whole life in the church: Know the spirit, use the spirit, exercise the spirit, enjoy the spirit.

       We truly thank the Lord, for giving such an elder to the Lord’s Recovery, and may the Lord also gave me a spirit like Brother Lee, so that we can continue accept the burden, build the church in spirit, became a corporate Christ, new man and new bride, to welcome the Lord’s return.

Church in Chiayi   Brother Jin-Ji Wang

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