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Accompany! Accompany! Accompany Again!

Brother Reizhe Zheng, Sister Yaling Zheng-Tiao

       Since 2003, when Brother Daw Jieung Lee started the New Testament Minister Perfecting Training in all the churches in the Yunlin and Chiayi counties, I had been his assistant on Word service, be it the index of training outlines, the charts, the formatting of the transcription, editing the video footage, all done thru my hand.  He even had me keep his personal outlines, pictures, charts, Bible Study charts for safekeeping.  But throughout this entire process, the most precious is not that Brother Lee only send me to do one thing, it is his companionship in this, even accompanying me to enjoy the messages, prepare the outlines and charts.  During that time, how fellowship was many, not merely fellowship of the training, but also for mutual needs and fellowship of the vital groups, I not only received much benefit, our whole family has been helped much; he doesn’t just care for my person, but my wife, even our children.

       During the time when we served the young people, Brother Lee even accompanied us to come build the core of the young people service, so that the young people can be one, from center to circumference, to become living and functioning members.  In the few times that he’s met with the young people in the Lord’s Day meeting, he himself truly been touched by the spirit of the young people and teared up, he even encouraged each small district to come visit the young people district, in order to get encouraged together.  This truly is the end result of his presence.

       Regardless of what our brother is doing, it is with an eye for perfecting.  His perfecting is not merely in the public meetings, often it is in private company, so that the churches in the Yunlin and Chiayi counties entered into the revelation and practice of the messages of the seven yearly conferences and trainings, and have the responsible brothers be in one accord, couples get built up, the vital groups be built up, and all the saints functioning adequately.

       Thank the Lord for giving such an accompanying brother to us!  Though our brother has finished running his journey on this earth, but his silhouette that accompanies us, his example of accompanying remains.  We are willing to continue following in his footsteps, learn to be accompanied on the one hand, also learn to accompany other people on the other hand, so that others can be shepherded, can be perfected, and be built up!

Church in Chiayi   Brother Reizhe Zheng, Sister Yaling Zheng-Tiao

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