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An Example of Closely Following the Ministry

Brother Yoshun Luo

       In 2004, our entire family came to serve in Paraguay, in the first fellowship with Brother Lee, he asked me: “Why do you come to serve in Paraguay?”  I answered: “because the work sent me here.”  He continued: “Such an answer is not enough, you need to go pray before the Lord, be sure that the Lord has sent you here.”  That is why I went back to pray before the Lord, made sure that the Lord has sent me to serve here thru the brothers.  From this, I learned once again to do my best to turn to the Lord, confirm the Lord’s leading.  Due to Brother Lee being such a person, one who lives under the light of the Lord, following the Lord absolutely in the spirit.  Because he follows the Lord as such, he has been sent by the Lord to serve in Paraguay in 1988.

Closely Following the Ministry

       The Lord truly blessed the recovery in Paraguay, because Brother Lee is a person that closely follows the ministry, I have never seen such a coworker that is close to the leading of the front, learning so closely.  From the brother I have learned much, be it on service or in living, there is one example that stands out, and that is closely following the ministry, not doing his own work, only doing the work of the ministry.  The brother always bring all the churches into the flow of the ministry, thru entering into the speaking of the ministry of the present age, so that all the saints of Paraguay were all preserved in the one unique flow of the Lord’s Recovery.  And brought in a flow of living water for South America.  Also, thru his absoluteness for the ministry, the brother experienced many attacks from the enemy and people’s misunderstanding, but he doesn’t try to vindicate himself, continue to follow faithfully.

       What is worth mentioning, is that Brother Lee always attentively enter into the messages of the conferences and trainings that happen seven times per year, his morning revival book is always filled with notes and circles, this light shows me that I am not attentively enough on my own pursuit of the truth, I need to lay down more effort in reading about the truth, and need to do my best to practice the Lord’s word in my daily living.  Brother Lee not only enter eagerly himself, he also leads all the churches and all the saints to enter in, in all kinds of conferences and trainings, he would always bring the messages of the seven feasts of the year, according to the saints need, to the saints.  Like a chef, starting from the grocery store, picking all kinds of groceries, after cooking, bring out dishes and dishes of delicacies to supply people.  He never felt that these messages are too deep and other people cannot get into them, he often shared with me, we need to PSRP to get into the truth, and we need to experience it in our daily living, practically using and living out these words, so that we might be constituted by the ministry so that we can supply people.

Strictly Move by Living in the Mingled Spirit

       In 2006, I followed Brother Lee to go visit churches in Argentina and Chile, in being together for over nine days, I learned much and seen much from the brother, be it meeting or living, he is a person who strictly lives and acts according to the mingled spirit.  Though the day before, due to the packed schedule of visitation, he gets to sleep late.  But on the next day, he got up early to be intimate with the Lord and search the Lord’s speaking, and then wake me up, enjoy the Lord with me, and transmit what he has received from the Lord.  Brother Lee is very organic and lively not stuff and not unchanging, he often says to me: we must live before the throne of God, to know how we can cooperate with Him.  Because of this, our visiting schedule was filled with the Lord’s presence and the Lord’s timely speaking and direction, even on the way, the traffic signals were for our benefit.

       At the time, since all the churches in Argentina lack one accord.  Which is why, for the building of the Body of Christ, Brother Lee used the 2006 summer training “The Body of Christ” crystallization-study message seven “The Building Up of the Body of Christ in Our Mingled Spirit”.  In that period of time, all kinds of big and small meetings and fellowships, the core point of the brother’s fellowship is concerning the mingled spirit, he doesn’t just release the truth to people, he led everyone to exercise the spirit together even more.  Because if not in the mingled spirit, it would be filled with disharmony and opinions, then no one can experience the building of the Body of Christ.  Praise the Lord!  Thru the brother’s help, the saints of Argentina were perfected, willing to come out of themselves, exercise to live within the mingled spirit.  The church gradually progressed forward in one accord.

Is an Example of Shepherding and Perfecting People on Many Aspects

       Learning to shepherding people from Brother Lee, is a blessing to me, just as Paul taught Timothy, but what you have learned, what you have believed, you need to live in it, due to knowing who you learned it from.  Brother Lee often says to me: Brother Witness Lee is his spiritual father just as Paul is Timothy’s spiritual father.  He is like Timothy, Brother Witness Lee is like Paul, because when he got saved, the Lord says to him, that you must follow this man.  He also says: He is an old Timothy, I am a little Timothy, we all must follow the ministry of the present age.  Though I’m later in my years of salvation, did not have the opportunity to learn besides Witness Lee, but thank the Lord!  The Lord set me aside the brother to be perfected, learned to be one who faithfully follows the ministry.

       The perfecting that Brother Lee has given me is multifaceted, there are public ones, and there are private ones, there are strict ones, there are gentle ones, there is the cherishing of humanity and the nourishing of divinity.  One morning, I got a call from him, I immediately got downstairs, and he shared the light that he has received from the Lord that morning with me, at the time there was perfecting training for the whole church, he says: “Yoshun!  I saw that there is a stream of water in the book of Acts, thus, especially in Acts chapter thirteen, thru a group of faithful members that sought out the Lord, thru their service and fasting, gave the sovereign an opportunity, that the Lord’s move have a completely new beginning, the one unique flow of the water of life continues, until today, the Book of Acts has not ended.”  When he’s finished sharing, he also said: “You speak this portion this afternoon.”  At the time, I did not know that Brother Lee is perfecting me, which is why I said to him: “Brother Lee, you fellowship, I can translate for you.”  He replied: “No!  You can use Spanish to release the message directly, the saints who need translate and directly receive the burden.”  Thank the Lord!  Brother Lee truly is an example of perfecting the whole man, not just perfecting me, but also all the other brothers, especially those that coordinate with him, there is much fellowship with him, from the center to circumference, in service fellowship, he gave every brother a chance to speak, speak out their feelings within, he also respected the feelings of any member.  Our brother truly is one that lives before the throne of god, he treasures every member of the body.  He also cares for the saints very much, not merely on spiritual matters, he also gave the saints much shepherding in humanity.

The Vital Groups are His Constant Burden

       The Brother often mentions the vital groups, the vital groups are constantly on his heart.  He says that the vital groups is not something that is worked out, but something that is accompanied out, just as the Lord Jesus accompanied the disciples, and Brother Witness Lee accompanied the blending brothers.

       He kept on perfecting us, and accompanied us, his accompaniment is very thoughtful, not just in the meetings, he also accompanied us in our living.  He perfects us, how to enjoy and exercise to enter into and digest the word of the Lord’s ministry and be constituted by it, how to organically use the words of the Lord’s ministry, how to live out and supply the word of the Lord’s ministry in our living and work, how to produce and constitute vital groups for the reality of the Body of Christ.  In his fellowship, he often mentions that the coordination of the four living creatures is in the church life of Bethany, practicing the God-ordained way—birth, nurturing, teach, building, to produce the new man, build the Lord’s kingdom, ending in the New Jerusalem.  Especially when he stayed in Paraguay in the end, this is his strongest burden.  How he hoped that thru the vital groups, that there would be god-men produced from the model in the churches, building Christ’s organic body to bring the Lord back.  In the end, I will testify, Brother Lee really loved Sister Lee, they are in one accord, though Sister Lee did not have many words, but Sister Lee’s presence there has always been the greatest support to Brother Lee.  I truly bow my head to the Lord, for giving me a period of time that I can be with the brother, to learn how to love the Lord, love this ministry, love the church and exercise the spirit, live according to the spirit.  The brother truly as an example to me, I will miss him forever.

Brother Yoshun Luo

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