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An Example of Lifelong Following the Ministry Faithfully

Brother Shou Chen, Brother Tian-You Wen

       Our beloved and respected Brother Daw Jiueng Lee, is a faithful slave of the Lord.  When he was just saved and young he was gained by the Lord and made up his mind to follow the one unique New Testament ministry for his whole life, and it hasn’t changed since the next sixty years.

       I remember that in the 80’s, the Church in Taichung once invited Brother Lee from Changhua over to lead the Truth Lesson pursuing training, his demands on the attendees who applied were very strict, they have to read the Truth Lessons thru, e very outline and every point must be pray-read with the spirit, and must be recited and spoken to everyone else, forcing us that we must exercise our spirit or else.  Thru that training, it helped me experience how to use my spirit to absorb the Lord’s word and to be constituted with the truth, and this opens the saints’ enjoyment and desire of the truth.  This is my first time receiving instruction and perfecting before the brothers for the first time, so that my spiritual life had a breakthrough, that I benefited so much.

       In October of 2002, I and the coworkers of the island of Taiwan went to Brazil in South America to attend the international Elders and Coworkers training, the schedule especially arranged for us to go to Paraguay to visit the churches there.  At the time, Brother Daw Jiueng Lee and his wife personally provided hospitality for us to visit the training center in suburban region of Asunción and the newly built big meeting hall, on Lord’s day morning in the second day, it was a great time to have a national blending conference, with over a thousand saints from all over the country coming overnight just to come meet and blend, everyone were overflowing with joy, high in the spirit, the scene of their joyous praising, deeply encouraged us, that to this day it was hard to forget.  That time is my first time personally seeing the propagation and increase of the Lord’s Recovery in Paraguay and it is full of glory, this is thru the influence of the brother bringing the riches of this ministry there, that all the churches all over South America are all open towards this Ministry, so that the Lord’s Move in South America can quickly move ahead.

       In 2004, the Full Time Middle Age training classes officially started on the island of Taiwan, Brother Daw Jiueng Lee really treasure and approved of this training, he personally got invited three times to came to the Middle Age training to give encouragement and words of direction to all the serving ones and the trainees, hoping that all the middle aged saints all over would be under the ministry of this age, receiving all aspects of training and perfecting, to build up a character suitable for the Lord’s use, so that we can be His coworker with Him in the Lord’s move today, to accomplish God’s economy.  Because he himself is a living example, and deeply touched many middle-aged saints that they are willing to rise up and follow in the brother’s footsteps, willingly to consecrate their remaining time of their life to the Lord.  In the later years, when his constitution gets weaker and weaker, I often go before him to research some teaching, in my living, service work, I got much deep teaching and direction.

       Today, our respected brother was taken away by the Lord at the venerable age of ninety-two, rested from the burdens of the earth, and the effectiveness of the work went with him.  He has become a burnt offering, poured out on the offerings and supply of our faith, this allows the Lord to accept it and be satisfied.  He has poured out his whole being upon the Lord, this is not a waste, but a fragrant testimony, extremely valuable before the Lord, and in that day, he shall gain the crown of the Kingdom as a reward.  His whole life truly is “Asking nothing for me but asking all for the Lord” he is like a bright morning star, leading us saints of later generations, to follow closely after his footsteps, continuing bravely forward!

Missed by Shou Chen, Tian-You Wen of the Church in Taichung

October 17, 2017

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