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Brother Daw Jieung at Yilan

Brother Chaofeng Tsui

       If I remember correctly, it was probably 1976 when Brother Daw Jieung Lee came t coordinate serve the churches in Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli region with Brother Wende Dian, leading all the saints to call upon the name of the Lord, pray-reading the Lord’s word, intensively exercising the spirit.

       Brother Daw Jieung is also really good at encouraging people, I remember that it hasn’t even been a year since my salvation, church in Zhongli at the time, in order to encourage the young people to rise up and function, has us college students exercise going to speak on the podiums on Lord’s Day, speak the messages of the Life-Study of Genesis, there was one time when I finished and sat down.  Brother Lee immediately says, “Brothers and sisters, look at the bright future the church has, the young people memorized it so well.”  Truly, at the time I really didn’t understand what I had said.

       In 1980, I came to Yilan for my military service, Brother Lee is already serving here, which is why he approximately served between 1979 to 1981 in Yilan County, serving Yilan city, Luodong township, Suao township, these three churches.

       The Church in Yilan did not have many people at the time, I remember a little over ten, mostly are military or civil servants and educators.  It is during this time when Brother Lee serves here, to accommodate visiting saints to Yilan and mingling with us, the Wenhua Meeting Hall of the Church in Yilan got a second floor added.  Brother Lee spoke of consecration in an absolute way.  Hearing the elderly saints’ testimony, everyone did their best to set something aside for the Lord, some saints didn’t even have money to buy toothpaste, using salt to brush their teeth.  But there was still a lack, Brother Lee lived in Yonghe, and went back to fellowship with Yonghe.  Thank the Lord, the Church in Yonghe at the time, cared about the needs of Yilan here in the Body of Christ.

       June 1980, I was serving in a position in Jinloujie military base in the city of Yilan.  There was a period of time, the commander, the commissar, the vice commander were all absent, the entire company only has the greenhorn ensign that is me.  Suddenly, the commander-in-chief came for inspection, with high inspection out of the blue, many duties, extremely high stress.  One day, I wrote a letter to Brother Daw Jieung Lee, one of the sentences in it was, “Uncle Lee, save me!”  In the next day or two, Brother Lee came to the military compound to visit me with Brother Tuoxian Wang, so that I was cared for and enpowered.

       Though there weren’t many saints in Yilan at the time, but a saint testified: “Brother Daw Jieung is a glorious vessel of eating the Lord, drinking the Lord, pray-reading the Lord’s Word!  Filled with the Lord Himself, he truly is immersed in the Lord’s Love!  The hymn: feed me, drink me Lord…….Is an apt description of him!”

       Brother Daw Jieung is truly a good role model for us~

Brother Chaofeng Tsui

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