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Brother Daw Jieung at Zhanghua

Brother Xin Shan Pang

I. Forward

       During the spiritual winter, due to the prayer and petitioning of all the saints, and endless watch, there has been signs of new life in 1984, it is due to Brother Daw Jieung and his wife transferring from Chiayi to serve in Zhanghua, so that the land is all green, filled with life.

II. Practicing Life Strengthening Training

       Once Brother Lee got to Zhanghua, he immediately brought the church into the vision of Christ, the spirit, life, and the center of the church.  He did a series of “life intensification training”, then arranged for simple arrangements of the meeting hall, so that people discovered that the meeting hall looks completely knew, the light went from gloomy to bright, the church is immediately filled with the vitality of death into resurrection.

III. Gospel Visitation and Propagation in the Countryside

       In the second half of 1985, coordinating the practice of the New Way, Brother Daw Jieung Lee arranged the brothers and sisters into four “family teams”.  (So that they may internally enjoy the riches in God’s “home”, and outwardly become God’s army, so that propagation would be possible to the rural areas.)  At the time, there was centralized meetings on Lord’s Day, then have Lord’s table meeting separately in the four “homes” in the evenings, then from these four “homes”, assigned to four “teams”, scheduled during the week to go to Xihu, Xioushui, Hemei, Puxing these four towns for door knocking and propagation.  Four “teams” of serving leading brothers were Brother Zhong Liang Zheng for Puxing, Brother Chenglie Tsai for Xioushui, Brother Mingxian Chen of Hemei, and Brother Xin Shan Pan of Xihu town.  The four family teams of the Church in Zhanghua, sets aside one to two evenings per week, take turns to go take care of the scattered saints living in the countryside, and visit the gospel friends.  To the point that in Lord’s Day’s central meetings, only a part of the brothers and sisters meet in the meeting hall, everyone else went door knocking in community of Zhanghua.  After a period of time, our tracks can be found in various communities and buildings all over Zhanghua.

       Then, in spring of 1986, there is approximately 4-5 Full-timers (Brothers and sisters like Dongbo Tsai, Chunfeng Deng), along with those from Yuanlin, Tianzhong (Brothers such as Xinshu Liu, Mingsheng Liu etc).  Under the leading of Brother Daw Jieung Lee, “The White House Team” is formed.  They went from rural community to rural community, town by town coordinated with the local brothers and sisters to knock on doors and peach the gospel, the county of Zhanghua is filled with the beautiful footsteps of the gospel.  There were seven hundred seventy-five people that were baptized during this time.  Due to much of such visitation, the city of Zhanghua baptized over a hundred ninety people within two weeks.  The brothers and sisters are high in spirit, practiced the new way in one accord.  Responsible brother Zhongliang Zheng even took two weeks off of his teaching job at Zhanghua Girls’ school, coordinated the service full-time.  This movement eventually propagated the Church in Yongxin.  In July 20 of the same year (1986), responsible brother Minxian Chen received the burden to go propagate in Hemei, to coordinate with Brother Minzi Tsai to found the Church in Hemei.  This act has been deeply praised by Brother Witness Lee.

IV. Attending the Taipei Door-Knocking Visitation Training

       Brother Daw Jieung Lee eagerly pushed for the practice of the church life in Zhanghua, to be tightly connected with the New Way in Taipei.  Which is why during this time, the brothers and sisters must go to Taipei (Every Wednesday and Thursday) to attend the door-knocking visitation training.  Once the brothers get off work, they got on the gospel van to have dinner, and get to the training in the Taipei Training Center before 7:30 pm, and practice door knocking in the community of Taipei City, it is around 1 am when they got back to Zhanghua, and they still need to go to work the next morning, it is extremely hard.  But because Brother Daw Jieung Lee lead us all the entire way, for the Lord’s Recovery to turn to the practice of the New Way, everyone is wiling to pay this price.

V. New Appointments for Elder Brothers

       Under Brother Daw Jieung Lee’s arrangements and recommendations, in 1985, the Lord’s servant Brother Wuchen Chang came to Zhang Hua and appointed Zhong Liang Zheng, Chenlie Tsa, Minxian Chen as elders.  Due to age and health, Brother Xinheng Tsai and due to Brother Xianghui Diang’s entire family immigrated to the USA, both brothers retired from elder duty.  In the next year (1986) Elder Brother Xinhui Yang rested in the Lord.  1987, the Lord’s servant Brother Sui Liu came to Zhanghua to appoint Zhongan Lee and Xinshan Pang as elders.  In 1988, Brother Daw Jieung Lee and his wife left Zhanghua in the middle of November, went to Taipei to attend the Practice of New Way training, ended his four years of service in Zhanghua.

VI. A Minor Matter

       There’s another minor matter worth mentioning, it is during the time during the practice of the new way, the training center in Taipei held one young people conference for the entirety of Taiwan, the location is in the Zhonghua stadium in Taipei.  There were over ten thousand in attendance for all of Taiwan, Sister Zhaozhen Fang who is the Dean at Zhanghua Girl’s Middle School, publicly invited the students to attend in school, and then coordinated with the brothers and sisters who are faculty in various middle schools in Zhanghua, the church rented a total of thirteen tour buses headed for Taipei for the young people conference.  The afternoon after the conference, returned only after touring Swellow lake.  In this great service, Brother Sitong Lin accepted the burden, and became the manager, the brothers and sisters coordinated mutually, accomplished such service.  That event is still the time with the most people ad most vehicles the Church in Zhanghua has going out for blending.  Unto this day, none other events broke this record.

Church in Zhanghua   Brother Xin Shan Pang

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