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Brother Daw Jieung’s Service in Hsinchu

Brother Duanren Lee

       Brother Lee came to serve in Hsinchu in 1977.  At the time, the areas he ministers to includes Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli etc. very hard to travel back and forth.  But even so, his service in the Church in Hsinchu has a great effect.

Exercise of Character and Spirit

       Brother Lee is very attentive towards the exercise of character and spirit.  During this period when he was serving in Hsinchu, there is character perfecting meeting every Lord’s Day afternoon.  After the perfecting meeting every week, the next week requires checking on the progress of the exercise, we all need to write a summary and our schedule form, every form would be personally check by him, Brother Lee attentively lead us, and he practices this as well.  I personally see him wash his own clothes, dries his own clothes, personally worked and is not two-faced while he stayed in Hsinchu meeting hall.

       He prioritizes the exercise of the spirit.  Reading the Bible, meeting, prophesying, service all require using the spirit, exercising the spirit, supplying the spirit, and living in the spirit in our daily living.  Which is why he often lead us to exercise our spirit, even though he left later, he would come back to lead us to have meetings for exercising the spirit, he feels very strongly for the spirit.  Once when he attended the Lord’s Table meeting, that meeting was very lively, the saints’ voices were quite loud, but there wasn’t enough reality of the spirit.  Immediately after the meeting, he immediately said to the responsible brothers that this wouldn’t work, we need to pay more attention, do not use loud voices, liveliness to replace the reality of the spirit.

Prioritizes Perfecting Young People

       At the time there weren’t many young people in the church, you can count them on one hand.  Brother Lee heavily prioritizes perfecting the young people.  There are two following examples for me personally:

       Once he came to Hsinchu, he immediately came to visit me with Brother Zhong Rong Lin and Brother Ximing Zhao, I was young, immature and prideful at the time, didn’t let them in.  Later, I was recovered, he immediately suggested to the brothers that I would be responsible for some important services, these services even included finance and podium speaking.  Thru these services, I was retained in the church life.

       The church at the time reverberated with Brother Witness Lee’s call to gospelize all of Taiwan, propagate churches in the towns and countryside.  I followed Brother Daw Jieung Lee to preach the gospel in the Laohuko.  There were many old veterans staying in Laohuko, they were not very open to the gospel, some even gave us attitude.  Brother Lee was never discouraged, and even encouraged me, say that I taught in the campuses, need to spend more time and effort to propagate the campus gospel work, to gain young people.  This laid down the vision and foundation of my future twenty to thirty years of preaching the gospel to the students on campus.

       Brother Lee has served in various localities, diligently and faithfully labored.  During the time serving in Hsinchu, laid down the cause of eternal life in the Church in Hsinchu.  Some of the older responsible brothers and sisters here in the Church in Hsinchu were all helped by him.  This cohort of Christ, witness of life, will forever be a role model for us in the church.

Brother Duanren Lee

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