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Brother Daw Jiueng Lee at Yonghe

Brother Jindi Jiang and Sister Huida Jiang-Wang

       Forty-eight years ago, Brother Lee came to Yonghe, I was freshman in college at the time, there was very few young people back then, Brother Lee hoped that I would stay and serve in Yonghe.  Before this, the Church in Yonghe has gone from dangerous to peaceful from the time of the storm all over Taiwan (Back in the day, Brothers Yuandu Lin, Fangyuan Wang, Qinlian Huang, Yonggan Chu were coworkers serving in Yonghe) it was a stable time.

       The first few months that Brother Lee served in Yonghe, he still had to care about Hall Three of Tapiei, at the time he was less than fifty years old, filled with lively rushing power, he lead the brothers and sisters in perfecting meeting every Saturday afternoon (Read and study spiritual literature first, such as a Shallow Life, Three Loves and Two Not-loves, Authority and Obedience, Finance skills…etc) then the brothers and sisters would accept exercise sharing and fellowship, leading into many saints having participated in service, leading the saints to exercise the spirit, how to pray-read, on Lord’s Day morning meeting, the brothers and sisters would make two lines to share (it wasn’t called prophesying back then), and Brother Lee would end this with a simple and clean word, hope that the brothers and sisters that hold a regular job, that they would come to the meeting hall as soon as they get off of work, get into little groups to eat drink and enjoy the Lord (Back then we called it the spiritual food teams), one new years eve night, Brother Lee gathered several brothers together on a room above the meeting hall to pray, they all felt that the Lord has given them a burden, a commission to go to the towns near Taipei county to propagate and preach the gospel.  The brothers and sisters collectively approved, went to preach the gospel in over sixteen towns in Taipei County (such as Yinge, Sanxia, Reifang…).  Some of the brothers and sisters are working, once they got off of work, they came to the meeting hall and enjoyed simple dinners such as tea eggs on the gospel van.  The roads in the countryside are very bumpy, the whole journey was bump, at times the tea eggs would bounce up and down in the bowl.  Yet many of the brothers and sisters were filled by the Holy Spirit, sang hymns, prayed, praise the Lord, for the salvation of souls!  After two years of propagation, there were still many caring saints with a burden that went to Yinge, Sanxia areas to care about the saints that are still propagating.  After Brother Lee left Yonghe, the Lord once again sent young coworker Brother Guangsi Lee (thirty-three years and a half) to serve in Yonghe.  At the time, we just so happen to be thinking of renovating to a six-story meeting hall (It was originally two stories), and Brother Guangsi still invited Brother Daw Jiueng Lee to come help us forward spiritually.  Back then, the cost of renovating the meeting hall requires about 25 million NTD, that was truly an astronomical number back then, we only had around 600 thousand in cash.  Brother Daw Jiueng Lee lead us in core service fellowship, with fifty-seven saints fellowshipping together one evening, and filling in consecration lists end in end that totals to 8,670,000, this time the brothers and sisters’ spirits were high, the morale is boosted, and then in an extremely short time the goal is reached.  This is all from the hard services of these two Brother lees, today we are still thankful.  Sometime ago when we went to visit him, the first sentence he said when we met is “save me, save me!”  I teared up within, Brother Lee definitely was not feeling we, getting in and out of bed require the CAN to assist, very sad to see…

       Brother lee’s service at Yonghe, and Paraguay, we cannot fully describe on paper, (The training center in Paraguay and the corporate living in Yonghe is an offering out of love by all the virgins, is the fruit of Brother Lee’s labors, there had been over ten saints that went to visit Paraguay from the Church in Yonghe).  He released one message in English in Paraguay, at the time there weren’t many of our college graduates that can fellowship with English.  Brother lee spent much effort, just to bring the life messages to all the saints in Paraguay.  Brother lee and his wife, at well over sixty, went to Paraguay time and time again to labor for the Lord.  Even if we young people ride the plain for over thirty-six hours would be sore and achy, can’t not bear it, even worse for the elderly over sixty such as him.  Brother Lee has rested in the Lord, his good fight has been fought, the race that he ought to run has finished, and there is a crown of righteousness reserved for him.  Here is where we will especially comfort Brother Shouguang Lee and his wife, Brother Jianxi Lee, Sister Shoulin Lee and her husband, (Brother Shouguang Lee was only sixth grade in elementary, Sister Shoulin was in fifth grade when they came to Yonghe, saints of Yonghe often missed them).  I got back from Germany to Chiang Kek-Shek Airport on October 11 at 6:09 am, the first thing to do is to see Brother Lee.  When I got on the gospel van to return to Yonghe, I learned that Brother Lee has already been taken away by the Lord, I have no chance to see him one last time….  We will pray for their younger generation, they are the runner up in the relay race, may they continue to run on the Lord’s way.

Yonghe Meeting Hall of the Church in New Taipei City

Brother Jindi Jiang and Sister Huida Jiang-Wang

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