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Brothers of Paraguay

I. Concerning Brother Lee’s character

       In the beginning of 1989, we got to know a true servant of Jesus Christ, he knows and has experienced our dear Lord Jesus.  Our brother knows how to live in the mingled spirit, and often exercised his spirit.  So that he can be prepared anytime to preach the gospel, or contact new ones, despite him being so much older than us.  But he did his best to offer up everything, inspiring us to continue running on this path.

       In addition, he is a man with a vision, so that we can see that the Lord has a plan, and how the Lord has accomplished His plan upon the whole earth.  The brother doesn’t work for himself and doesn’t raise up his own work.  From the beginning he allows us to see clearly, be inspired to enjoy and contact this portion of the ministry.

       The brother is also a very organic person, in his living and service, he relied entirely on the Spirit, he is also very flexible, thru following the spirit, and being very open with the saints.

       He is also one that that bears suffering, towards a different culture, foods, and habits, and facing all kinds of misunderstandings, refusals, libel and fighting with those called brothers on the same path.  Even so, he overcame all of these things, staying with us on those stormy days.

       The brother is also a man without ambition, living the church life with us, and served the saints under this portion of the ministry, he’s never cheated anyone under any situation, nor put himself above the brothers.  But did his best to lead us and the brothers to mingle and to bring us into the conferences and brought us to other continents to visit or invite the brothers from Taiwan to Paraguay.

II. Concerning Brother Lee’s Service

       Concerning the brother’s labor in the church, our dear brother really loved the Lord, has fully consecrated himself for the building of the Body of Christ.  August 1, 1988, he and his wife came to Paraguay, despite the difficulties on language and culture, plus his age of sixty-five.  But these never became difficulties in his service.  Some brothers translate for Brother Lee, so that the brother can shepherd, teach and perfect the saints.

       Not only that, the brother always seek to know how to perfect the responsible brothers, thru releasing the words of the ministry, sometimes he also uses English to perfect the elders.  He has a very strict demand for the punctuality of the responsible brothers, he himself is very punctual, but the serving brothers are all very thankful of the Lord, due to Brother’s perfecting, today we all understood the perfecting that we’ve received from the brother, and how much help it was to our service in the church today.  During that time, the serving brothers that the brother has perfected, there are four who has a portion in the work to Paraguay, two are full time serving ones.

       In addition, he doesn’t take over the function of the responsible brothers, he always perfected the saints in exercising their function in the church, when the saints ask Brother Lee to help them, Brother Lee always direct the saints to first seek the help of the local responsible brothers, if the responsible brothers have no way to help, then he would help the saints.

       Brother Lee’s goal is to raise up the church as a model, so that the other churches can follow.  He is also attentive towards the outward appearance and cleanliness of the meeting hall.  Brother Lee also cared about the saint’s economical needs, and help the saints to have growth in life, thru having morning revival with them.  He is also an expert at helping the saints to exercise and release their spirit thru calling on the name of the Lord and pray-reading the Lord’s word.

The Brothers of Paraguay

(Due to time constraints, only some portions were translated).

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