• Sis. Faith Chang •

A Worker of the Lord with Excellent Virtues

In March 1989, during a Full-Time Training in Taipei, Brother Witness Lee expounded upon the the humanity of one who serves the Lord. Sister Faith Chang exemplified such a worker, embodying within her humanity, through the transformative power of divinity, a constellation of excellent virtues: extraordinary love, boundless forbearance, unparalleled faithfulness, absolute humility, utmost purity, supreme holiness and righteousness, and brightness and uprightness.

Extraordinary Love: Sister Chang’s love for the Lord, His church, her husband, her co-workers, and every individual she encountered was boundless and self-effacing. Her entire life was consecrated to serving the needs of the Lord, His church, and the saints, a dedication that manifested in her complete and utter self-giving.

Boundless Forbearance: Possessing a heart of immense magnanimity, Sister Chang does not take account of evil. During times of turmoil within the church, she stood steadfastly alongside Brother Chang Hsiang-Tse, offering unfailing sympathy. Through the restorative power of truth and life, she guided many who had strayed back to the fold and provided a stabilizing presence for those who wavered in their faith.

Unparalleled Faithfulness: Sister Chang’s faithfulness extended beyond her devotion to the Lord. She remained unwaveringly faithful to her partner, her co-workers, and the ministry of the word within the Lord’s recovery.

Absolute Humility: Despite possessing exceptional intelligence, wisdom, courage, and bravery from a young age, Sister Chang embraced a life of lowliness after receiving salvation. Serving under the covering of the brothers, she labored tirelessly with her own hands, walking alongside Brother Chang in service to their generation, our generation, and the generations to come.

Utmost Purity: Sister Chang’s purity transcended mere outward cleanliness; it permeated the very core of her being. She served both God and man with a pure heart, remaining single-minded and unyielding in her devotion, regardless of the circumstances she faced. She never succumbed to the temptation to complain against God or cast blame upon others.

Supreme Holiness and Righteousness: Sister Chang’s life was marked by a profound sense of holiness towards God and righteousness towards man. To God, she offered herself as a sweet sacrifice, while to her fellow man, she extended boundless compassion. Having experienced the loss of her mother at a tender age, she readily assumed the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings. This innate compassion blossomed further in her service to the Lord, as she tirelessly nurtured and cared for the Lord’s lambs and His workers with complete tenderness.

Brightness and Uprightness: Sister Chang lived a life of unwavering transparency, conducting herself with openness and honesty in all her endeavors. She walked according to the truth, embodying its principles in every aspect of her life. With a clear spirit and unwavering conviction, she lived out the reality of the God-man with profound dignity.

Reflecting upon Sister Chang’s exemplary life, we recognize that the Lord not only bestowed her upon His church as a precious gift, benefiting the lives of countless saints, but also presented her as a model for all to follow. Her life serves as a source of enduring encouragement, empowering us to boldly press forward in our own walk of faith.

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