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Father and I

Eldest Son, Shouguan

       Since I was little, I had rarely spent time with father for longer periods of time.  In my memory, it was mostly mother raising the two of us, an older brother and a younger sister.  I have one significant memory while I was still in elementary school.  When I just got home from school, there was no one at home, just that there are blood splatters all over the bathroom, with the toilet bowl still full of blood, it wasn’t until nighttime when mother came home tired, and explained all that blood is emesis from father’s flaring up stomach disease.  The next day we went to see father in the hospital, he was weak, when he talked to me, it’s like he was telling me of his last will, and this is the first time I was this close to experiencing the loss of a relative.  Later the Lord healed father’s illness, and I mostly don’t get to see father or several years, just know that he’s been serving in some church in middle southern region of Taiwan.  Until I graduated from elementary and father was transferred back to serve at the Church in Yonghe, that was when our family of four finally lived together for several years.

       In those few years, my life in addition to school was the church, attending all kinds of meetings, including the conferences and trainings in summer and winter, living together with the brothers and sisters to practice the church life and so on, days were simple but fulfilling, it is almost like the rest of my life, high school and college, would all pass steadily within the church, unknowing that the lesson that the Lord Jesus has prepared for my father is about to begin.  After graduating middle school, I finally had a chance to contact the wide variety of the alluring things in the world, just as a bird that has been released from a cage, I was filled with curiosity of the outside world, everything seemed fresh, and quickly made bad friends, and slowly stopped coming to meetings, stopped living a normal church life.  This time also just so happen when Father is busy and went to America to attend Brother Lee’s conferences and trainings, and isn’t home for months on end, so I got worse in these three short years, from behind held back a grade, to testing again, being expel for fighting, running away from home, joining gangs, do inhalants, fight, etc. until breaking the law, reported in the paper, and put into the detention center.  This is just so happened after that father has been transferred to serve in Hall seven of the Church in Taipei.  This event had all the brothers and sisters of Hall Seven pray for a foolish worthless tramp such as me.  Asking for the Lord to forgive my ignorance and bringing grief upon my parents.  Looking back at this now, all my various bad behaviors gave much pressure and embarrassment for father, who had to be a responsible coworking brother.  But father still didn’t say much, only pray with mother in tears, silently giving me to the Lord.  Oh, ungrateful me had truly been father’s lesson on serving the Lord for the rest of his life.  May the blood of the Lord forgive me!

       But it is still at this same time that father can still use his evening time to get a diploma of a seminary so that it’s easier to get a visa to go to America, to tightly follow Brother Witness Lee’s yearly conferences and trainings.  In summer 1988, father once again accepted the church’s burden, at the age of 65 went far off to propagate in Paraguay in South America, though I and younger sister both opposed the notion, but father still went by faith, went on his way under the situation that he cannot speak even one sentence of Spanish, and this trip took over twenty years.  At the same time, father will still return to Taiwan every year to serve the churches in Jiayi and Tainan.  Every year when he passed by Los Angeles, he would stay for several weeks here at my place, I often see father by himself, if he weren’t reading the Bible, praying, calling on the name of the Lord the whole day, he’d be studying the Life-Study and the Morning Revival, almost there isn’t a time where he does not live in the spirit, remaining in fellowship with the Lord.  From my point of view, it seemed so boring, but father truly was filled with enjoyment.  Eleven years ago, mother had a stroke, and thank the Lord’s leading, that the Church in Jiayi is willing to take care of my parents in their later years.  I had also deeply felt the brothers and sister’s love for my parents and how precious they were to them, it truly greater than what I as a son in the flesh can, they took care of father better than I can, this is the Lord’s love!  Thank and praise Lord!

       As for I myself, I had experienced the Lord Jesus’s sovereign hand to save me three years ago, getting thru a very dangerous big surgery, and also allowed my wife to experience Him that he is real, reliable and a living god that listens to prayers during this process of surgery.  Hallelujah!  Christ is the Lord!  After being lost in the wilderness for over forty years, the Lord Jesus did not forget or give up on me, in the end He has listened to Father’s prayer, bring my whole family back into the Lord.  My wife and I had recovered the normal church life in America, thank and praise the Lord!  Glory be to the Lord!  Father, you have loved the Lord your whole life, I have finally received the Lord’s discipline, and returned into the Lord’s Recovery, you can stop worrying about me.  Father, I love you!  We will meet again on that day when the Lord comes back!

Hallelujah!  Christ is victor!

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