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In Remembrance of the Lord’s Faithful Servant Brother Daw Jiueng Lee

Brother Jianxing Wang

       Thank for the Lord’s mercy, in the beginning of 1984 I represented the school to a meeting, happens to meet Brother Zhucai Pan who just believed in the Lord, his gregarious testimony of the oy after believing in the Lord, gave me a deep impression.  In September, he invited me to attend the gospel meeting after Hall One of the Church in Chiayi was finished, and I just simply agreed.  Just before entering the meeting hall, I suddenly had a thought, trusting the Lord of the heavens and earth, the greatest one would be great.  After entering in the meeting hall, I felt that it’s very bright within, doesn’t have the cross and image of Christ in Christianity, that’s the idol I have condemned before.  The hymn in the meeting: “Over hill, over valley, we searched, but in vain, For the meaning of our human life; We were just disappointed again and again, Til we felt there was nothing to find.”  We truly spoke of the journey and history in my heart, so thru Brother Daw Jiueng Lee’s word, that I was willing to pray, and accepted baptism.  Praise the Lord.

       Too bad Brother Lee was transferred to Zhanghua to serve not longer after, be he still cared about a little sheep like myself.  At the beginning of the next year, we had our eldest son Shengrang, one day, Brother Lee and his wife, with a present for the child, came to visit us from far away Zhanghua to come to the countryside of Daling, Chiayi, that we’re so surprised at the high treatment.  Thank the Lord, the love in God’s house deeply encouraged and steadies us.  I wrote a letter to thank him and shared my experience.  A few days later, got his reply, that richly supplied us.

       Later I also served full time by God’s mercy, no matter where I was when I come across him, he would warmly cherish and supply us.  At times when we returned to Chiayi and had hospitality to stay at the meeting hall, when I get up in the morning I would often hear Brother’s strong sounds of prayer and get reminded that I must diligent exercise the spirit.  We often remember his wonderful example, when we returned to Chiayi, we would make time to fellowship with Brother Lee, and every time, we would get positive shepherding.  Especially when we were close to the age of sixty and called to go serve in Indonesia, when we’re hesitating, we would think of Brother Lee, who went to serve in Paraguay as late as sixty-five years of age, we get strengthened.  Thank the Lord, for giving us such a faithful example of loving the Lord, may we all continue to love the Lord with a burning urgency, become overcomers together.

Church in Chiayi   Brother Jianxing Wang

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