• Sis. Lee Li Paoyi •

A Pattern of Living and Dying to the Lord

Sister Ruth Lee’s life, spanning 96 years, presents a compelling case study of how a sister in Christ, empowered by divine grace, can faithfully keep her order, consecrate herself entirely, and live solely for the fulfillment of God’s economy. She stands as a pattern not only of living to the Lord but also of dying to Him.

The initial stage of Sister Lee’s life was characterized by an ardent pursuit of Christ. She actively participated in trainings, ministered to children and adolescents, shepherded young mothers, diligently preached the gospel, and tirelessly equipped herself for God’s economy day and night.

At the age of 43, an unforeseen marriage entered her life. Thenceforth, she relinquished her personal aspirations and became Mrs. Lee, embarking upon the second stage of her life’s journey. Guided by a divine vision and operating within the measure bestowed upon her by God, she served, accompanied, and cared for Brother Lee through innumerable storms and tribulations, including numerous hardships inflicted upon the church by the adversary. Ultimately, she witnessed God’s New Testament ministry reached to the high peak of the revelation and God-ordained way spread to the whole world, and the peak of propagation be attained.

In 1997, Brother Lee entered into his eternal rest. Upheld by God’s grace, Sister Lee entered yet another chapter of her life, one distinguished by living to God, interceding for His economy, and offering prayers for the saints in all the churches. This less-documented period of her life serves as a testimony to her hiddenness in Christ, her progression towards maturity in life, and the inherent sweetness of her walk as a God-man. As articulated in her biographical record:

She coordinated with Brother Lee as his steadfast companion in the Lord’s work.

Alongside Brother Lee, she led a life of absolute consecration, embodying the role of a fellow slave to the Lord.

Among the saints, she functioned as a channel of supply and a strong factor of the saints’ progress and joy.

Her departure serves as a model of maturity in life, a model of triumphant celebration, and a model of the Christian journey from glory to glory.

Her final utterance was “Hallelujah!”

It is our conviction that all the saints within the churches aspire to go forth on her footsteps in the years to come, to progressively work out and live out the New Jerusalem, and to witness the fulfilling of God’s purpose.

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