• Bro. Lin Zilong •

Closely Following the Flow of the Holy Spirit
and Setting a Good Pattern for the Next Generation

The early twentieth century witnessed the move of God’s recovery in China. Within this move, Brother Lin Zilong emerged as a radiant testament to the Lord’s work. His life, spanning a century, bore witness to the magnanimous grace and life of God, not only in his own personal journey but also throughout China and ultimately, the entire world.

Firstly, Brother Lin’s unwavering devotion and service to the Lord set a powerful example for future generations. From his youth, he followed his father, Elder Lin Shaoliang, into the Lord’s recovery, remaining steadfast in his faith for over eighty years. Initially nurtured by the ministry of Brother Watchman Nee, he later faithfully followed the ministry of Brother Witness Lee. Through his service, numerous local churches were established, with his work impacting not only the entirety of Fujian province but also reaching across China. Despite facing numerous trials, he remained unwavering in his faith. Even during his multiple imprisonments, enduring long and arduous years, he continued to radiate a fragrant testimony for the Lord. His collection of poems, Hymns of The Man on the Way penned during his incarceration, offered solace to countless believers enduring hardship.

Secondly, Brother Lin’s life journey coincided with the move of Lord’s recovery in the twentieth century. His life and service became a vibrant testimony to the Lord’s move on earth and the spiritual history of our time. The Lord’s recovery, initiated in Fuzhou during the 1920s, swiftly spread throughout China and, from the 1950s onwards, reached across six continents. Brother Lin actively participated in this move from its inception to its global expansion. It can be said that his personal history is intricately interwoven with the history of the Lord’s recovery. His path mirrored the path of the righteous, shining ever brighter like the dawn.

Thirdly, the Lord’s recovery is characterized by the recovery of the revelation of truths and the practice of the vision. Brother Lin actively participated in each instance of the recovery of truths and practice. From the recovery of the ground of the church in the 1930s to the move of the work concerning handing oneself over in the 1940s, the practice of the “new way” in the 1980s, and the seven annual feasts in the 1990s, Brother Lin consistently led the way in embracing and enacting these advancements. His ministry, closely following the flow of the Holy Spirit, carried forward the legacy of the fathers of faith, leaving behind a remarkable pattern for future generations.

Hebrews 12 speaks of a cloud of witnesses surrounding us. We believe that Brother Lin’s exemplary life holds a prominent place within this multitude, inspiring us to run the race which is set before us.

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