• Bro. Zilong Lin •

Chapter 3: God Protected Me During Several Dangerous Instances

        Psalm 116:8 For You have delivered my soul from death, My eyes from the tears, My feet from stumbling.

        In the first lunar month of 1931, my parents went to Nanping to work, I was at home with no one to control me.  One evening, I was down the street at the second floor of a pastry store looking at some people gambling.  I was sitting at the floorboard next to the window, watched until midnight, dozed off and leaned back, my whole body went back out the window.  Fortunately, one of my foot was held down by someone, at that time there was a glass cabinet underneath this window.  If I had fallen down, my head and face would definitely have ended up in that glass cabinet, and who knows how the glass would carve me up!  This is the Lord’s protecting me.

       Another evening this very month, I followed a bunch of other kids, watching the dragon lantern dance on the street.  Then the people that were operating the dragon went on the bridge, the bridge is much narrower than the road, I was following at the side.  Suddently someone called out my name, I pulled back my right foot and looked down, then see that if my right foot stepped down, I would tumble down the bridge, if I didn’t die from it, I would be heavily injured.  This is God protecting me yet again.

       The most dangerous instance has to be the one that happened during the winter of 1934.  That day, my cousin got married, a lot of guests came.  One of the classmates brought a handgun, they were all sitting in the study in the left side of the conference room.  At that time, I was acting as valet.  When I just stepped in the door of that study, that classmate with the gun walked in front of me, clocked the gun, pointed at my heart, shouted “(so and so), I’m going to shoot you”, and then pressed the trigger, but the gun didn’t go off.  I know he isn’t really shooting, which is why I wasn’t afraid, just edged myself to the side a little and said, “Stop joking.”  He continued furiously pointed the gun down and then pulled the trigger again, a loud bang rang out, one bullet hit two inches within my feet, everyone was startled.  This classmate himself was too.  He originally thought that only pulling the trigger a little, the bullet wouldn’t move into the chamber to fire.  But this time, the bullet went up.  If the bullet had fired the first time he pulled the trigger, than this bullet would’ve ended up in my chest, and killed me.  I can be free of such disaster is all due to God’s protection, I have nothing but worship to Him!  These things happened a year before I was saved.

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