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Modern Timothy

Brother Bisheng Wang

       The Brother Lee that I know, is truly a modern Timothy.  Closely following this portion of the ministry, to become a good deacon of Christ Jesus.  Over ten years ago, Brother Lee returned from abroad and returned Chiayi region to serve.  At the time there were much dissertation against following the speaking of the seven yearly trainings and conferences.  When Brother Lee came back, he opened his mouth to say something, everyone says amen in one accord.  Because he’s that kind of person, with an image and have the authority.  He brought in an one accord that has never been seen before in the Chiayi region.  Everyone diligent exercised and PSRP, especially on matters of pray-reading, all can hear the difference.  Then perfected the saints to walk the new way, practice the vital groups, lead in reproduction and increases.  Then separated the region into four major districts, perfected elders to lead it, to perfect all the saints, he turned the service styled work into a work of strengthening.  This is most clear is in the elders group in the Church in Chiayi, from Brother Huang and Brother Wang’s era, transferring to the new generation of Chongjia Lu, Weishun Chen, Jinji Wang, Hongchang Yuang.  Now the Church in Chiayi are under the leading of these brothers, with perspective, with clear steps, with perfecting, the cycle going anew, in one accord, filled with harmony.  Which is why Brother Lee can set aside the burden of service in the last few years, rested from the labors on the earth.

I have fought the good fight;

I have finished the course;

I have kept the faith.

That is Brother Lee

Church in Chiayi   Brother Bisheng Wang

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