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My Example, Teacher, and Fellow Runner of the Heavnly Race,
Brother Daw Jiueng

Brothers Zijin Zhou, Sister Aiyin Zhou-Ye

       Since meeting the brother in the Full-Time Training in Taipei in 1986, in these thirty some years, in my spiritual life and service, Brother Daw Jiueng Lee is my teacher, example and coworker ahead of me.

I. The Exercise and Release of the Spirit

       In 1986, hen I’ve just entered into the Lord’s Recovery from the denominations to attend the training, under the brother’s assistance, I learned how to break thru my self-imposed limits, now follow the letter of the law, and release the spirit; so that my spirit can be strong and freed, the whole person can live and serve thru following the spirit.  (Hymn The Proper story of God and Man, Chorus: My spirit’s Spirit-born, Spirit-filled, Spirit worshipping, Till Spirit-Word, with abundant life, Flows as a river from me.)

II. Calling on the Name of the Lord, Pray-Reading the Lord’s Word, the God-Man Living

       The brother went to serve in Paraguay in ’88, during the winter and summer training times in Anaheim, he often stayed at my home.  Calling on the name of the Lord, pray-reading the Lord’s Word, are not rites, but it is his secret to survival and living. (John 6:57: As the living Father has sent Me and I live because of the Father, so he who eats Me, he also shall live because of Me.)

III. Absolutely Entering into the Ministry of the Age, Faithfully Following the Ministry until the End

       The brother loved and served the Lord for his whole life, sent out by the Lord, went all over, did it with no regrets nor complaints.  He understands and confirms the ministry of the present age and was constituted by the truths of this ministry, and never blindly follows, but follows this divine stream in spirit and life, and absolutely is one with all the ministers in this ministry.  I’ve visited the brother during this time when the brother is back in Chiayi, the level that the brother has gotten into “Morning Revival”, filled with revelation, light and the progress of the Lord’s Recovery and the present situation of the church, cared so much and interceded.  The Lord did as the brother asked, let him become a wonderful testimony, faithful to the Lord, to the church, to the ministry for his whole life, all the way until the road’s end.

IV. Did His Best to Practice the Vital Groups, to Become Overcomers

       The last time I went to visit the brother, he uses the Lord’s word in Acts, to say what he must say, and then asked if I understood it?  Then he told me to tell the coworkers, that they all must practice the vital group according to Brother (Witness) Lee’s words, and there is no other way!  He himself might be limited, but he had morning revival, prayer, fellowship, practicing the vital groups daily.  I can testify that the brother has been constituted by the high peak truth, lived a corporate God-man living, shepherded men according to God, filled with the reality of the Body of Christ, is an overcomer of this age.

       Though I could not attend the funeral meeting, I am filled with regret.  May the testimony the brother shows the care and the expectation he has towards his family.  The brother’s life-long love and passion towards his wife, passing their later years hand in hand, when Sister Lee was hospitalized, the brother visited every day, asked how she was doing consistently.  Was filled with praises, boasts and intercessions for Shou-Guang and Shou-Ling’s families and the grandchildren, hoping that the next generation all can love the Lord, live the church life.  Thank your whole family for these many years that we spiritual next generation, can share the father that you so loved with you, whom I also love, Brother Daw Jiueng Lee.

       You have been rested from all your labors, fought the good fight, ran the course, kept the faith, and you will gain a crown of righteousness at resurrection.  That those of us still live and remain, willingly follow your example and testimony, finish running the course of this age, welcome the Lord’s Coming.  See you soon.

Later Generation and Benefactors in the Lord

Brothers Zijin Zhou, Sister Aiyin Zhou-Ye

Toronto Canada October 18, 2017

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