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Remembering a Respected Battlefield Veteran—
A True Fellow Yokefellow under the Lord’s Unique Ministry

Brother Hsiung Chen, Sister Jin Chen-Wang

       Thank the Lord for putting this faithful follower under the unique ministry, such a follower to His Recovery this is our respected Brother Daw Jiueng Lee, he followed after the ministry closely his whole life, and truly bear the same yoke with the ministry.

       Since the eighties in the last century, during the harsh days of the Church in Tainan, Brother Lee first shepherded a responsible brother from the era, and rescued him back onto the way of life and oneness.  Thru the receiving of burdens, he came to the Church in Tainan to lead the training if pray reading the Lord’s word, so that the spirits of all the saints in the church can be enlivened.  The brother is a most excellent example of exercising the spirit, he kept on helping the church, thru masticating the Lord’s word, absorb the spirit and life within the word, deeply enjoying the light of the Lord’s face.

       Ever since Brother Lee returned to Taiwan from Paraguay, he stayed in Chiayi, accompanying the churches of this region forward together, and perfected others in various facets; before all else in his service, he would bing the brothers into the life and service of the mingling of the two spirits.  Keep on reminding the brothers, to act and live according to the mingled spirit.  The truth is, he is such an example.

       Once the brother has sent aside all services due to age, he still remained in the small districts, leading a few families, faithfully practicing the vital group, continuing steadfastly leading the young saints have a life of corporate morning revival and going out to shepherd.  He’s perfect a few saints, continuing the practice of the vital groups for their living.

       After Sister Lee passed away, every time we returned to Taiwan in his later years, we would schedule to have some saints with us to go to the fourth floor of Hall One of the Church in Chiayi to visit Brother Lee, though the years had pilled on and he is getting old, but he is still strong and clear within the spirit.  As a result, we had such sweet fellowship every time, and deeply supplied by Brother Lee.  The brother keep on reminding us that we need to practice the vital groups faithfully, in order to put the burden of the ministry in the church, in order to produce many overcomers.  He cared about the moving and building of the Lord’s Recovery on the entire earth, especially concerning all the churches in Taiwan under the supply and leading of the unique ministry, to become a bright and pure testimony.  His fellowship was heavy and long, that I cannot forget even to this day.

       Brother Lee’s whole life, is like what is said in 2 Timothy 4:7-8, “I have fought the good fight; I have finished the course; I have kept the faith.  Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, with which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will recompense me in that day.”  We believe that there is a crown of righteousness reserved for him.  Thru the footsteps that Brother Lee has left, may the Lord be able to encourage us later generations, run the heavenly race together, accomplish God’s word.  And may the Lord bless the brother’s descendants, that they can follow such an example on the path of the Lord’s Recovery.  (Brother Hsiung Chen).

       The following is during the time when Brother Lee was serving in Hall Two of the Church in Taipei, the beneficial lessons that I’ve received from him affects me onto this day.  I was still in middle school back then, my heart for the Lord was just starting to blossom.  There was one time that Brother Lee fellowshipped with us young people, saying: You all have grown up in the church since little children, need to know one thing, it is that in the future you will see or hear of the failings and flaws of the responsible brothers at the front, this time you absolutely must remember, immediately to pray, and say to the Lord: “Lord, I was unfortunate!  Lord!  Please have me forget this!”  This lesson, in all the over fifty years I had in the church life, I practice all the time, don’t look at the negatives, don’t listen to rumors; and if still accidently heard it, I will still have the same prayer towards the Lord: “Lord!  Let me forget!”  Thank the Lord has told me this thru Brother Lee, this secret of “How to live in the Church”.

       Another testimony is this, when Brother Lee came to Tainan to help us exercise the spirit in 1984, he wanted us to be genuine and tender in our calling of the Lord’s name; be attentive and urgent on pray reading the Lord’s word.  As a result, all the brothers’ and sisters’ spirits are burning.  Because of this, there is one sister that we have contacted many times but never passed the milestone of baptism, after touching the Lord’s Spirit, is willing to get baptized, and willing to serve the Lord her whole life, unto today. (Sister Jin Chen-Wang)

Household Slaves of Christ, Brother Hsiung Chen and Sister Jin Chen-Wang

Your Cohorts

Written in Paris, France

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