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Remembering Brother Daw Jieung

Brother Shi Zhong Xiang

       I really thank Brother Lee for two things, I remember the first time I’ve met Brother Daw Jieung Lee in Yonghe, Brother Lee loves wheat based foods due to being Shangdongese, which is why I was treated to eat dumplings with him, he put the entire dumpling in vinegar to eat, saying that eating vinegar would soften the arteries, and less likely to get conditions such as arthrosclerosis, the body would become more basic, with higher immunity, less likely to get sick he would rather not touch sauces, but must have vinegar in his food.  From that point on I learned to start to eat more vinegar, and make my own various fruit-based vinegars, several of senpai Lee’s words helped me to stay healthy, rarely get ill, for this I thank him.

       The second thing happened around 1982, when the Church in Pingdong was planning to build the big meeting hall on Beiping road, the goal is ten million NTD in offering.  But there was only about a hundred-people meeting in the Church in Pingdong, with the most of them being young people, those who has the financial capacity are those who are in the military, civil service and education, with military being the majority.  Everyone’s salaries are meager at the time, with much children to raise, ten million NTD is an astronomical number at the time, and the fund of building the church is only a little over five hundred thousand NTD.  At the time senpai Lee has been serving in southern Taiwan, the responsible brothers invited him to come help rally, he very much used the spirit’s burden and release, the entire church was greatly supplied, he utilized the story of the widow who offered two little coins in Mark chapter 12 to encourage the brothers and sisters, he said: “We are not great rich men, but neither are we poor widows.”  He encouraged the whole church—from the children, young people, college students, the entire church all offered.  The Holy Spirit worked greatly, after a year, the big meeting hall has finished building, and there were still over twenty thousand NTD left, this gracious testimony have been mentioned by Brother Witness Lee and praised, this deserves being remembered.

Church in Pingtung     Brother Shi Zhong Xiang

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