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Remembering My Respected Spiritual FatherBrother Daw Jiueng Lee

Brother Xinshen Gu

       My Spiritual father, dear Brother Daw Jiueng Lee has gone to the Lord.  Though my heart has unspeakable regret and yearning for this moment, but I know, it is the Lord who has measured the best for him, that he can rest in the bosom of the Lord that he so loved.

       Second Timothy 3:14 says “But you, continue in the things which you have learned and have been assured of, knowing from which ones you have learned them.”  Yes, I have learned to much from dear Brother Daw Jiueng.  What he has said, has not said, all taught me, contributed so much to my perfecting, it is hard to describe them all!

       When sharing his salvation testimony in the past, Brother Daw Jiueng often described how he has received help and perfecting from this portion of the ministry from Brother Witness Lee.  Thus, for his whole life, he has faithfully followed this ministry closely.  How he has received from the brothers before, then there is absolutely nothing holding back to help perfect the saints, also perfected me.  This is such a model!

       In August 1988, Brother Daw Jiueng came to serve in Paraguay, I was fortunate enough to meet him here, receive his leading, live the church life together.  Thank the Lord, it is in this period, Brother Daw Jiueng lead me to know the Lord’s Recovery, to treasure the riches of the ministry, know the center of God’s economy—Christ and the church, and told me to abide in it for the entirety of my life.

       What impressed me the most deeply is, Brother Daw Jiueng lead us to know the spirit, exercise the spirit, use the spirit, and to live in the mingled spirit.  He helped us to use the Lord’s word to pray, to read, to gain nourishment, to get enjoyment.  In normal daily living, we can often hear Brother Daw Jiueng loudly calling: “Oh! Lord Jesus, amen!  Hallelujah! Amen!”  He doesn’t just loudly practice, he also leads us to practice.  He is a man that does his best to practice, even more so an example of a man that lives in the spirit.

       Brother Daw Jiueng also lead us to exercise our character.  He says, a person must have a good character, to be used by the Lord.  Which is why he himself practices nonstop, “Going against nature, to conquer the self; exercise the spirit, to live out Christ.”  It is thru these steadfast exercises, that his whole life may be used for the Lord, and became an example to me, greatly influenced my whole life!

       Starting from 1989, Brother Daw Jiueng took me to Anaheim, USA twice a year to attend the Live Winter and Summer Training of Witness Lee, the Lord’s servant, so that I may have a wonderful foundation on Truth and Life.  Going back to Paraguay after the training, he led me to fellowship to various churches, sharing the rich supply that we have received within the training.  This not only allows the various churches to benefit, it also allowed me to get good perfecting on the matter of speaking for the Lord.

       Starting from 1990, Brother Daw Jiueng started leading us to have gospel preaching in various localities in Paraguay, establishing churches.  And he encouraged the various localities to build meeting halls, and we truly have the Lord’s blessing.  Starting from the first three meeting halls, we’ve grown to thirty-two meeting halls.  The Lord’s Testimony in the entire Paraguay, has thus boomed.

       In 1998, Brother Daw Jiueng saw the future of the Lord’s Recovery in Paraguay, require rising up and perfecting the local young saints, to enter into the ranks of coordination service.  After the saints’ prayer and offerings in one accord, we’ve successfully bought land this year, and built a training center that can accommodate over a hundred trainees.  Starting from buying the land, to the building and the overseeing, Brother Daw Jiueng doesn’t care how hard it is, personally did all of them.  In 2000, the training center was finished and started to operate, Brother Daw Jiueng and his wife personally went to live in the training center, to live and exercise with the trainees, nourishing the young people that the Lord needs for moving forward in Paraguay.

       That period of time when he was serving in the training center, Brother Daw Jiueng lived a life of completely denying the self, pouring out his entire being for the Lord’s need.  Once, Sister Lee was sick, we sent her to a hospital that is over an hour and a half’s car ride away overnight.  That evening, Brother Daw Jiueng is unwilling to stay at the hospital, insisted to return to the training center to serve the trainees.  And prepared for the national conference of Paraguay every year, Brother Daw Jiueng often personally lead the trainees, clean up outside in below zero-degree Celsius weather, to the point that he once got frostbite.  He truly is a Lord’s servant who doesn’t care about himself, completely and utterly has consecrated himself.  Such sacrifice, pouring out, often touched us and make us feel ashamed that we cannot do more!

       After Brother Daw Jiueng and his wife returned to Taiwan, whenever I went to visit him, he always cared about the progress of the Lord’s Recovery in Paraguay, and especially cared for the saints that he has served before, asked and asked again, cared and cared again, interceded for them.  He loves the Lord, loves the church, and the heart that loves the saints, will forever be our lifelong example.

       Just as Paul has said in 2 Tim. 4:7 “I have fought the good fight; I have finished the course; I have kept the faith.”  The brother that we so loved is like this too.  Looking back at his lifelong experience, he has fought the fight that he must, finished running the course that, and have kept the faith.  I believe that God has prepared for him, a crown of righteousness as reward.  We are also willing to follow Brother Daw Jiueng’s footsteps like this, continue running the course ahead.  Glory be to God!  Amen!

The Church in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay       Brother Xinshen Gu

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