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Remembering the Lord’s Faithful Servant
—Brother Daw Jiueng Lee

Brother Tian-De Lin

       The Funeral meeting of the Lord’s servant Brother Daw Jiueng Lee, would be on October 24, in Chiayi.  Because at that time, I and my wife, has a weeklong service in Thailand, couldn’t attend; which is why this work, would have to do for the memory of my dear senpai!

       Ten years ago in a national college conference, senpai personally made a warm and touching testimony, through the notes and records of many attentive brothers and sisters, it has been called “The Memoirs of the Service of an Elderly Coworking Saint”.  By God’s mercy, I was present live to get such strong and powerful transmission; today I’ve got a chance to read it again, as if our dear senpai was personally here standing here before us, using his experience to testify and encourage us, and personally leading us to run the race ahead of us!  The limited summery and the testimony are as below:

  1. Loving the Lord with a pure heart: Senpai’s salvation, started with two to three calling on the name of the Lord; these two to three calls on the Lord’s name might not have power over other people, for senpai, it was how he was filled with the Holy Spirit, and how it was a lifelong process. Goes to show that the power of calling on the name of the Lord does not depend on number, or loudness; but from loving the Lord with a pure heart!  This is what is said in Matthew chapter eight “Blessed be the pure in heart, for they shall see god.”
  2. Simply accepting: Senpai’s marriage in the eyes of people nowadays, is something that is impossible. First, is his wife is older than him by five years, and close to middle age; the other is the fact that he is too poor, can’t even buy a suit as the groom.  These reasons are all easy grounds for declining; but he simply accepted, the end result is better than what any of us can imagine.  This truly is a good example of marriageable age young saints!
  3. Closely following: Senpai’s closely following Brother Witness Lee, the Lord’s servant, is even more so a good example for us young coworkers! One sentence of Brother Lee, is to set aside everything, closely following the leading of the ministry!  That even at the high age of sixty-five, the couple went to propagate in Paraguay!  This we can only worship the Lord!
  4. Shepherding Attentively: Senpai is filled with tender loving care towards the saints. For example, the morning revival at the old Yonghe meeting hall, it all came out of senpai going house to house for it to be; even the building of many meeting halls of churches in various localities, are also the fruit of senpai’s labor, shepherding and care for many years.
  5. Building Character: Senpai has built up wonderful character since his youth, he was never late for any meting or training; though his education level is only at middle school, but thru integrity, preciseness, attentiveness, and a diligent character that allows him to practice attentively, the English New Testament Recovery Version Bible that he owns is very tattered. Which is why he can use simple English to release messages and can use Spanish to fellowship with people and pray!
  6. Using the Spirit Daily: Though senpai’s age is old, but his usage of the spirit, releasing the spirit, is fresher and more releasing than any young people! At all the conferences, if he is there, only a few short sentences would push the spirit onto the highest peak!  Every time at a fellowship before him, is like bathing in the spring wind, filled everyone with more awareness than before!
  7. Absolute Example: Several churches all over Taiwan, thru absolute consecration of Senpai’s material wealth, also due to the rich supply of the word, the meeting halls all over not only got build, and lead in many miracles in love! Many dear elders, until today, still praise senpai’s absolute leading!
  8. Fellowship of the Body: Senpai supplied the body by the spirit and treasures the fellowship and the supply of the body. Though Paraguay is poor, but thru the fellowship of the body, “Spring of Life Training Center” was built, so that the Lord has a place to speak freely in South America, leading in the radiant testimony of all the Churches in South America!  Just in Paraguay, thru Senpai’s service, there are over thirty churches established!

       Senpai’s whole life, though normal, but not common.  Just as it is said in the notice for Senpai’s funeral meeting in the Church in Chiayi: “Brother Lee battled with the Lord for his whole life, followed the ministry carefully, volunteered among propagation, the footprints of his service are all over the land: close in the villages, towns and cities of Taiwan, furthest in Paraguay in South America.  Nothing less than consecrating his whole person, serving with all his might.”  Just as it is said in Acts 13:36, “Now David, having served his own generation by the counsel of God, did indeed fall asleep”.  Also, like 2 Tim. 4:7-8: “I have fought the good fight; I have finished the course; I have kept the faith.  Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, with which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will recompense me in that day, and not only me but also all those who have loved His appearing.”  May the Lord bless Senpai’s lifelong journey and may that Spirit of the Lord that has touched Senpai, would touch us more times over!

Brother Tian-De Lin

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