• Bro. Runhuan Liu •

A Good Soldier of Christ—A Pattern Following the Ministry

Brother Zhuping

In the Church in Banqiao city

Brother Liu closely followed the ministry in all his life. He was not very eloquent, but he lived out Christ with his living and conduct. In my contact with him, I could see that he meant business with the Lord, was faithful to toward the Lord, and was absolute toward the Lord’s word with no reservation. For example, he said that there were no title of “uncles” but only that of “brother and sister” in the church, therefore we should use “brother or sister” to call one another. On another occasion, there was someone who committed fornication in the church, and brothers went to him to seek the advice of him concerning how to deal with this matter; he asked us to open the Bible and led us to study several revelant verses, and then everyone was clear about how to deal with this matter. He told us as well that because he served the Lord, followed the Lord’s word, and stood for the Lord’s interest; even someone threatened to kill him, he took a strong stand by the Lord’s grace. He always told us that we should serve the Lord seriously and absolutely, and should never be carelessly.

He strictly stayed within his limit. He told us that the reason for him to return to Banqiao was not to be an elder or a co-worker, but to be a brother. He was willing to fellowship with saints and to do his best to give proper help to people. I saw that as long as there was any need in the church, he would immediately react to meet that need; he was a memeber of Christ, and functioned organically in the church. One time there were few dissenting brothers meeting regularly every week in a certain place of Banqiao; during their meeting, they circulated the publications attacking Brother Lee. When Brother Liu got this information, he immediately fellowshipped with the elders. But the brothers didn’t know how to deal with this situation, they had to ask him to go to attend that meeting. Thank the Lord that after brother Liu attended that meeting several times, they broke up. He exceedingly treasured the ministry, even above his own life. When he heard any attacking voice of the ministry or a sign of disturbance, he instantly asked brothers to pray. I saw many times that he was prayed for Brother Lee with inspiring and desperate words, and even tears came down his face.

He always said that the ministry of Brother Lee was truly so great, so unfathomable, and all-inclusive, therefore he encouraged us, according to our own measure, to specifically enter into any item of his minstry to study carefully and develop it. He himself not only received the teaching from Brother Lee, but more by going deep into the content of the ministry books such as Chruch Affairs, The Elder’s Management of the Church, and Elders’ Training, etc., he was constituted to be a functioning member. In my understanding, he was an excellent elder and perfected many sanits in various localities. Eventually, he became a letter of Christ ministered by the apostles, with the Spirit as the ink, Christ as the content, and read by us. And he was also the captive of Christ, manifesting the savor of the knowledge of Him in every place. He was my pattern, and I remember him.

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