• Bro. Runhuan Liu •

My Familiarity with Brother Liu

Brother Liang Hongyong

In the Church in Banqiao

Brother Runhuan Liu in his early years in Changking, had met brother Watchman Nee in person, and received his leading and perfecting in spiritual matters. Later Brother Runhuan came to Taiwan. In the initial building up of the church in Taipei, he served in coordination with Brother Witness Lee. At that time, tape recorder was not available yet. However, Brother Liu had learned to record in short hand. As a result, in the early days, all the messages that Brother Lee released in the church were recorded in short hand by brother Liu, and then they were translated. Therefore, today as we enjoy the ministry of the word that Brother Lee released in the early days, we should also remember the portion that Brother Liu had ever labored in such kind of serving.

I have been serving in coordination with Brother Liu for many years in the Church in Banqiao. Whether in the church meetings or in private conversations or fellowship, he had been repeatedly mentioning to us the ministry of Brother Nee and Brother Lee and their living and conduct that we may know the Lord’s recovery more clearly and also treasure more the many truths the Lord’s recovery has brought to us and that we may, on the way of the Lord’s recovery, have more firm steps and follow the church more closely to move forward.

Concerning the current practice of the God-ordained new way among the churches, Brother Liu also had left a very good pattern. Whether in living the proper church life or  serving in coordination, Brother Liu had been always following the leading closely in the church, unlike those older brothers and sisters, who had still been remembering the old way that Brother Lee practiced in Taipei before. Therefore they were not that absolute in practicing the new way. O! We all should forget the things which are behind and stretch forward to the things which are before, and we pursue toward the goal for the prize to which God in Christ Jesus has called us upward. (Phil. 3:13-14).

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