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Testimonio sobre el Hermano Lee Daw

Brother Celso & Sister Florencia Alvarez

       For the example and testimony of life that Brother Daw Jiueng Lee has left for us, we thank the Lord deeply.  And can confirm his love, faithfulness and consecration towards the Lord and the Lord’s Recovery.  Being under the supply and nourishment of this rich ministry, Brother Lee does not put emphasis on teaching dead words, but becoming a reproduction of Jesus Christ in action and living.

       He does not put Jesus and the apostles’ teachings as knowledge and doctrine but put emphasis on pray-reading the Lord’s Word to touch the spirit.  In daily living, what he emphasizes is pursuit and touch the Lord Jesus as his spiritual nutrition, and not to merely study reading the word.

       Thru Brother Witness Lee’s arrangement, Brother Daw Jiueng Lee was sent to work in Paraguay for over seventeen years, he is one slave of God that eats the Lord’s word, who also feeds the saints.  When he arrived in Paraguay in 1988, there were only two local churches due to the works by the brothers in Brazil.  Thru exercising on living and pray-reading of the Lord’s Word, Brother Lee perfected the Local Saints and the young people of the Caacupe Full-Time Training Center.  When Brother Lee was still in Paraguay, the Lord’s Move in Paraguay has organically propagated to thirty other localities.  We are no longer lead by the brothers in Brazil, and no longer read the books published by “The Tree of Life”, but directly connected to the ministry of the Lord’s Recovery and Anaheim.

       Our Dear Lord Jesus gave Brother Lee a long life, so that he can become the model of a new generation of saints, to become a man that eats the Lord, which is to say to allow the Saints to emphasize to eat drink and absorb Christ from the Word, and not be just saints who “research” the Word.

       Hope that these few sentences of words that remembers Brother Lee, can remind us that we must live and have a lifestyle of eating, drinking and absorbing the Lord’s Word and His rich ministry messages, as saints.

The Church in Taichung   Brother Celso & Sister Florencia Alvarez

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