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The Blessing for Yunlin and Chiayi, the Role Model for Vital Groups

Brother Wei-Shun Chen

       In 1982, Brother Daw Jieung Lee has been sent by the work to come serve in Chiayi, he and the brothers lead the saints to renovate Hall One by faith, and later is sent to serve in Zhanghua.

       Under the Lord’s marvelous sovereign arrangement, a year after going to the USA, he chose to bring Sister Lee back to Chiayi for the church life, this became a blessing to all the churches in the Yunlin and Chiayi counties, from Brother Lee there is God’s great masterpiece; supplying the church’s needs, that all the churches in the Yunlin and Chiayi counties may be in the correct position in the Body of Christ and progress forward together, propagate and plant church trees in many townships that didn’t have churches.

       He personally leads us to exercise the spirit, pray-reading the Lord’s Word, have corporate morning revival, and lead the life of the four living creatures.  In the districts, he has taken part of preaching the gospel, shepherding people, practicing the life of the vital groups.  He shepherds, accompanied us in building the church and all rungs of the service, holding up the scaffolding of the church service, started to build the churches of Zhongpu and Zhuqi.

       When Sister Lee was hospitalized, he visits daily for years, even lead the main practictioner to salvation, thru the years, thru the decline of his constitution, he still accepted God’s perfecting and transformation upon him.  For his whole life, he has faithfully served the God and the Church that he so loved.

Church in Chiayi   Brother Wei-Shun Chen

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