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The Perfecting Brother Lee has done for the Church in Minsyong,
Will Be Remembered unto Eternity

Mongjing Hu, Chongning Diao, Qingyun Huang, Guoyang Pan, Wenchuan Lin, Zhengwu Yuan and other Coordinating Brothers

       Brother Lee is a good example of one that loves the Lord his whole life, diligently labored, faithfully obeyed, and is one with the Lord.  Today he has rested from the labors of this earth, but his labor in the Lord, and the help towards the Church in Minsyong, is not in vain, we believe that it will be remembered by the Lord unto eternity.

       The help that the saints in Minsyong township has received from Brother Lee, started from his perfecting since arriving at the Church in Minsyong in 2002, a year later, went to a perfecting training for the entirety of the Yunlin and Chiayi region, for over ten years, he used his lifelong experiences and riches, to supply us, to perfect us, left us a wonderful example, laid down a spiritual foundation.

       Brother Lee would come to the Church in Minsyong to perfect us, is due to the recommendation of Brother Jizhun Chang, the father-in-law of Brother Songren Huang who was teaching at National Chung Cheng University at the time, let the brother has a burden for a small township with no more than 70 thousand population, but four college campuses and over thirty thousand college students.  At the time, based on Brother Lee’s experience within the Lord’s Recovery and spiritual capacity, and he’s willing to come to a small township like Minsyong to arrange for a perfecting training, it is unimaginable for a church in a small township, we are overjoyed, and touched within the spirit, and can only praise and thank the Lord.

       We still remember in 2002, back then, Brothers Han Chen, Chi-Kuang Liu, Songren Huang are all still in Minsyong, Brother Lee held perfecting training weekly, that the brothers and sisters looked forward to, but in fear of it, because Brother Lee’s perfecting is not heavy on releasing messages (though he has plenty of experience, rich in truth), but prioritizes exercise in the spirit.  Brother Lee first help us exercise the spirit, allowing us to know what is truly using the spirit, he keeps on emphasizing, the meeting requires using the spirit, living in the mingled spirit, and not using the mind, or meet by experience.

       Brother Lee then teaches us to use the spirit to pray-read, and every time he makes the leading brothers to go up to practice first, time and time again, having the brothers gather into a small circle, exercise to use the spirit to enjoy the Lord’s word, and almost always use the current week’s progress on the Morning Revival, help us to enter into the messages of the ministry, allowing us to truly learn what is the correct way to pray-read, use the spirit to eat, drink and enjoy the word of the Lord, to be constituted by the truth.  Brother Lee often remind us, service need to go from the center to the circumference, it is like the fine oil upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, upon Aaron’s beard, that ran down upon the hem of his garments (Psa. 133:2).  He allows us to truly comprehend, serving the saints require we ourselves eat the Lord to satiation, and then we can supply Christ, flow out life, become a role model for the other sheep in the flock.

       After eating drinking and enjoying the Lord’s word, then is the prophesying training, helping us to speak for the Lord, and speak forth the Lord, and speak the Lord into people.  I still remember, the brothers and sisters at the time were all very afraid to prophesy, don’t know how to prophesy, and won’t prophesy by choice.  Which is why when prophesying time comes, the brothers prepared a tube for drawing lots, using drawing lots, whoever is drawn had to get up and exercise.  In the end, that was only used once, before being put away for good.  Because Brother Lee said to us with a smile, in the many years he has been in the Lord’s Recovery, working at so many different localities, he has never seen drawing lots to determine prophesying.  He told us, prophesying requires the inspiration of the spirit, not by luck; is first from having enjoyment of the Lord’s word, and then after being filled in the spirit, has a burden and feel necessary to get up to speak for the Lord.

       Another aspect of perfecting that Brother Lee has for Minsyong is exercise of character, for such a small-town church like us, many saints never exercised their character after salvation.  Brother Lee used “Thirty points of Character” booklet (later still used in the perfecting of the Yunlin and Chiayi region), helping us to exercise on character.  He let us understand clearly, one that serves God, must have a character that suitable for the Lord’s use.  Character is like a vessel; character quality determines the quality of the vessel.  Only thru exercising character attentively, can we become precious vessels of the Lord, fitting for the Lord’s use.  If our character is not good, there’s no use of us in the Lord’s hands.

       In addition to assisting us in Minsyong and the Yunlin and Chiayi region perfecting training, Brother Lee came often to Minsyong, to look at the situation of our meetings, and to attend the service fellowship of the brothers, even supplying us from house to house, giving us much help on service.

       Still remember, Brother Lee told us that our service to the Lord need to have a view of the whole earth, need to go blend abroad whenever we got the chance, to see the universal Body of Christ.  Under his encouragement, in 2004, Minsyong arranged a church visiting group to Paraguay with the brothers from the Yunlin and Chiayi county, took an over forty-hour trip, transfer flights included; to Paraguay in South America, visited the local churches and the training center.  Thru blending and visiting, it not only gave us a clear understanding towards the propagation of the churches in Paraguay, and the services in the training center, it even let us personally see, that Brother Lee and Sister Lee in their advanced age, how they had obeyed the ministry for sending them there, followed the leading of the ministry, propagating in an entirely strange country.

       When Brother Lee was sent to propagate in Paraguay, he was over the advanced age of sixty-five, in the flesh, it is time to retire and relax.  But under the situation where he almost completely doesn’t know Spanish, he simply obeyed the arrangements of the ministry, pulled up his tent with Sister Lee, and went on his way, to a foreign country not of his hometown, planting church trees.  In these short fifteen years (the year we visited), the saints in Paraguay increased to over a thousand five hundred, there are over thirty churches established in Paraguay, and the training center started up, the number of trainees increased year by year, the education level increased from high school level to college, perfecting groups and groups of young people for the churches in Paraguay, to propagate all over the country.  Brother Lee is like the Lord Jesus, is a grain of wheat falling into the earth to die but bore much grains.  His example encouraged us, willingly let us consecrate the rest of our lives to the Lord, willing to accept the Lord’s leading any time, and go to the places that need us.  He let us see that age is no matter, the will is the most important part.  Where the will is, the Lord would be there.

       To summarize the perfecting that Brother Lee had for the Church in Minsyong, he helped us enter from our spirit, learn to exercise living in the mingled spirit; helped us to exercise our character, to be vessels fitting for the Lord’s use; teaching us to prophesy within the meetings, all function, building the Body of Christ.  He even more so encourages us to go out, to leave our narrow comfort zone, to see the universal Body of Christ.  Thru him, we see a good example that loves the Lord his entire life, consecrated absolutely, faithfully labored, one with the Lord, and builds the Body of Christ.

       Now, though Brother Lee has gone to the Lord, but his perfecting and help to us, I believe that it will be remembered unto eternity future.  That wonderful testimony that he has left, will continue to inspire us, to follow his example, and see him again in that coming day.

Church in Minsyong township, Chiayi County

Mongjing Hu, Chongning Diao, Qingyun Huang, Guoyang Pan, Wenchuan Lin, Zhengwu Yuan and other Coordinating Brothers

Together in Remembrance

October 16, 2017

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