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The Whole Life of Brother Daw Jiueng Lee’s Struggles and Faithfulness
is a Great Example of My Generation Who Goes Behind Him

Brother Fuhua Wu

       On matters of exercising the spirit, enjoying the Lord, calling on the name of the Lord, pray-reading the Lord’s word, Brother Lee has done all he’s can, his enjoyment for the Lord gave people the greatest impression, and attracts men to practice in the same life and enjoyment.

       The deepest impression I had is in Brother Lee’s later years, regardless of being invited to talk to young trainees, to the middle age trainees or in the coworker blending of the entirety of Taiwan, he would always mention 2 Timothy 1:16-18: “May the Lord grant mercy to the house of Onesiphorus, for he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chain; But being in Rome, he sought me out diligently and found me.  May the Lord grant him to find mercy from the Lord in that day.  And in how many things he served me in Ephesus, you know best.”  Brother Lee has been exceedingly faithful, never be afraid of the hardships, take joy in this New Testament ministry, and enjoy the Lord’s full supply, and bring the churches and saints that he has served, into the same enjoyment of the Lord and into the same flow.

       I remember just when the Full Time Training started in 1986, Brother Lee set aside everything, and enrolled in the training, becoming an example to all the saints.  At the time due to a portion of the elderly saints not understanding the practice of the new way, not used to the practice of the God-ordained way, Brother Lee and Brother Lianzhen Zhao followed the directions of Brother Witness Lee, went to visit all the elderly saints in all the meeting halls of the Church in Taipei, introduce the New Way to them, and lead all the saints in prayer in order to immerse ourselves into the flow of the Holy Spirit.  Even in 1989, when the brothers ahead fellowship for him to go to South America, especially when Paraguay has a need, Brother Lee answered the call without opposition and no fear in moving forward.  He went for eighteen years, didn’t even know Spanish, but Brother Lee overcame all difficulties, faithfully served and eagerly learned Spanish, just as how diligent he was in learning English before.  In the end, there is a training center in Paraguay, become a source of fortunate to all, and have great benefits to the Spanish speaking saints in South America.  The service of Brother Lee and Sister Lee, God knows, and is something that all the churches will remember.

       May the Lord remember the word that Brother Lee often remind us in 2 Timothy chapter 1, that he, his children and future generations would all be remembered by the Lord, faithful until the Lord’s Second Coming and be rewarded.

Later Generation in the Lord

Fuhua Wu

In Rememberance

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