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The Wise Foreman and a Gentle Shepherd

Brother Yi-Hsin Chu

       I was transferred to the Church in Chiayi due to service in 2012, that was my second year as a full-time serving one, I was twenty-nine.  I was an absolute stranger towards all the churches in the Yunlin and Chiayi counties, knowing nothing of the names of the towns, the responsible brothers, the situation of the church, the history of the work of the Lord’s Recovery.  I came with an expectant yet wary attitude when I reported in.  Every Monday and Thursday morning’s morning revival and the service fellowship, as the beginning to how I got to know all the elders and the co-workers, my first impression for Brother Daw-Jieung Lee started here as well.  At 6:30 am, the brothers knelt together before the Lord, praying in one accord, what surprised me is, Brother Lee at the age of almost ninety knelt together to pray as well, becoming an example for leading the practice of praying in one accord!  Not only that, during the elders’ service fellowship, and the Yunlin and Chiayi county coworker fellowships, Brother Lee’s clear head, cared for all activities of all the churches in the Yunlin and Chiayi Counties.  How is Qiluo right now?  How is the perfecting going in such and such locality?  Even down to the finer details of knowing the names and last names of people to ask how is so and so?  Wherever our brother sat, it is not at all as “emotional support”, it is truly serving by the ministry!

       On matters of living, our family lives a floor below Brother Lee’s house, in the first two month here at Chiayi, Brother Lee invited my wife and I to eat and fellowship in his house almost every day.  Because Brother Lee is familiar with my father and grandfather, meal time was fellowship getting to know each other on the one hand; on the other hand, it was to listen to his burdens for young coworkers.  I would never forget, Brother Lee’s intimate instruction: “Coworkers are not colleagues, they’re family members!  Don’t just speak of matters of the work between coworkers, must talk about things at home more often, to care about each other’s family members.”  Such words of caring said by a brother that is quite advanced in spiritual matters and a generation higher, is great comfort and encouragement of a young brother who has just started to learn how to serve, like me.

       When I first came to Chiayi, it is mostly to take part in the college work, but in September, because another brother suddenly left the service, and I have to do two people’s work all on my own all of a sudden, which also included Brother Daw-Jieung Lee’s family livelihood.  Though many other responsibilities are bearable, but the other party is Brother Lee, giving me so much more pressure.  Brother Lee called me before him, giving many of his things to me, he told me, he absolutely trusts me.  I thought to myself, we’ve only gotten to know each other for a little over two months, due to trusting the church’s arrangements, Brother Lee also trusts a little brother like myself, how magnanimous!  Such a gesture of trust, not only let me have no pressure but filled with duty when I serve his living arrangements, also became an example of trusting in the church, trusting in the coordination.

       In addition, I was very fortunate to be part of Brother Lee’s last biography interview.  At that time, Brother Guang-Bao Lin’s and mine two families handle this together, since October 2012 to January 2013, interviewing Brother Lee once a week, starting from Brother Lee telling us of his life.  Whenever Brother Lee spoke of the churches he has served, the locales he has propagated in, the spiritual passages that they have fought together in, his expression was animated, overflowing with every verbal details of these treasured memories!  Our brother truly loves the Lord and loves the church.  At such an advanced age such as he, he should be enjoying himself, comfortably passing his golden years, but his desire, is to live in that little room, continue serving the Lord that he loved and the brothers and sisters.

       In this last period of time with Brother Lee, a little over five years, I can testify that what he teaches is his living, he is truly filled with the spirit of a soldier, he did all that he can to practice what he has received until the road’s end, never disappointed those that enrolled him.  May that spirit that has inspired the brother, can inspire me exponentially!

Church in Chiayi   Brother Yi-Hsin Chu

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