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Treasure that the Lord Has Stolen

Brother Chung-Jia Lu, Sister Li-Hua Lu-Chen

       Ending 18 summers and winters worth of propagation life in Paraguay, due to Sister Lee’s illness in 2006, Brother Lee decided to move back to Taiwan from overseas, and decided to settle in Chiayi, continuing the work.  Which is also to continue the biannual Spring and Fall perfecting training for the Yunlin and Chiayi counties, brought all the churches in Yunlin and Chiayi into the same flow.  We’ve just moved ack to Chiayi from the north in 2005, were able to catch up into this wave of the flow.  The greatest impression is the Spring training of Yunlin and Chiayi county, the coordination of the four living creatures in the vision in Ezekiel to especially fellowship about the vital group, which is Zion in the Old Testament, the Overcomers in the New Testament.  At the time, a stream of divine flow passed thru, all the churches of rural and urban townships ride this wave of the Holy Spirit, like the spring bamboo shoots after rain, where various lampstands raised up: Dalin, Taibao City, Lunbei, Zhongpu, Zhuqi, Xingang…  At over the age of eighty, the Lord’s servant himself personally came down to practice the vital group, accompanied us from house to house (our home was also sent to Zhongpu).  The brother led us in the mingled spirit, have thorough prayer, fellowship, blending, coordination for the vital group, one with the Lord to practice the God-ordained way, living the life of the pearl gates together, achieving the function of those pearly gates, being the entrance and exit of the traffic of the holy city, flowing the Triune God to men, and bring men into the city, live out and making the New Jerusalem.

       What we most treasure is the weekly fellowship in the divine life with Brother Lee, there is no human relation baggage within, and no natural emotional urging.  What we have is just seeing the divine history in human history together, the history of God united with man, the resonance within, which also nurture a kind of will.  In this life, we will pursue this way, learn to pay the price and walk this narrow way

       The Brother emphasizes that he follows three things his whole life: Follow the Lord, follow the ministry, follow the footsteps of the flock.  He often mentions the first footnote of Revelations 3:22: “Undoubtedly, only the recovered church can fulfill God’s eternal purpose, and only she is what the Lord is after.  We must take the Lord’s choice.”  Also, the prophesy in Matthew 16:18 is to be fulfilled thru the Lord’s Recovery, the true building of the church can only e completed within the Lord’s Recovery.

       The brother has followed this ministry faithfuly, set aside everything or the benefit of God’s economy, threw himself into the flow, midst the difficulties of the thorns, opened a path with blood and sweat, thru faith, even with the price of his life.  As the debtor for the awakening of the souls of all the saints.

       The brother was over thirty when he started to be with us, just like old Moses in Deuteronomy, showing us the experiences of life, death, disaster and fortune to us, leading us to walk the way of life, the following is some main points that he has helped us on:

  1. Being Limited by the Body: Though we say that we coordinated with him, but there is a great difference on the measure of life between us, he often says to not go over us, or not going over the Lord.  The main point is to find people, it is not for someone to have a way, he doesn’t ask others of being what, always encourage people, he was able to have much patience and waiting thru prayer.
  2. Following the Holy Spirit Absolutely: The Lord never does anything from Himself, nor by Himself.  Likewise, we cannot do anything by ourselves, this is the first condition, only then we can be one with the Lord, to enter into this realm and to touch the source.  The spirit of the living creature is the strongest source, direction to be mingled with God.  The secret is to exercise that the two spirits become one spirit on all things, here only then can we slowly learn how to be organic.  Pay attention to the source, not learning techniques, otherwise it would be more troublesome, once in the spirit, God would be revealed.
  3. Organic: Do not limit the Lord, the organic flow can adapt to all.  The center is to be God’s economy, to build Himself into us.  How to be organic, is to pray, enjoy and digest Lord’s word, to be mingled with the Lord.  If you have not mingled enough with the Lord, we are not satisfied, and the Lord is also not satisfied.  The church can only be built when perfected by the organic way.  The messages of the seven feasts every year, being constituted by the Spirit and the Word, there is a great method here.  When the word is practiced upon us, they become reality.  Thus, in the perfecting training of Yunlin and Chiayi counties, he often uses the spring and autumn ITERO messages, our preparations beforehand, he would lead us to pray-read the outlines together.  At training times, we don’t even know ahead of time what the brothers are going to speak about, leading us to organically follow the timely leading of the Spirit.
  4. Practice the Vital Groups: In ’07, he led us to practice the vital groups, starting from speaking of the four living creatures in Ezekiel, regardless of coordination, action, they had all been under the leading of that Spirit, and then they can work with half the effort but accomplish more.  The brother strengthens us essentially, not a kind of outside cheerleading activity, but to be one spirit with Him.  To lead us into the divine flow of the Holy Spirit, that year the Lord’s Day attendance increased from three hundred sixty to four hundred and twenty-five in the Church in Chiayi.
  5. Accompany Others in Fellowship Before the Lord: The Brother often doesn’t tell us to do something, but accompany us, lead us to practice the God-ordained way together.  Thru accompanying us and fellowship, he helped people to directly contact the Lord.  There was once when he accompanied us to visit a weak brother, thru bringing people before the Lord, the divine life can flow, and you can immediately see people change clearly for the better.

Hebrews 13:7 says “Remember the ones leading you, who have spoken to you the word of God; and considering the issue of their manner of life, imitate their faith.”  Yes, we don’t just admire that they’re the treasure that the Lord has stolen away, and want to follow closely the footsteps of their faith, follow the ministry of the age, receive the divine commission, and become coworkers with God to built on the foundation that has been laid by those who came before us, complete the building of God’s habitation, to wake for the Lord’s second coming.

Beneficiaries    Brother Chung-Jia Lu, Sister Li-Hua Lu-Chen

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