• Bro. Runhuan Liu •

A Fragrant Pattern of Laboring

Brother Congfeng Wu

In the Church in Bade City

Brother Runhuan Liu came to serve in Taoyuan county approximately 1978. At that time there were meetings and trainings of young working brothers and sisters from Taoyuan, Dayuan, Guishan, and Bade always coming together. During trainings Brother Liu often poured forth what he had gained from the ministry to propagate to us and teach us. In the spare time when there were no meetings, he always fellowshipped with few core brothers until late in the night.

Later, the number of the saints in the church in Bade gradually increased. Brother Liu also borne the responsibility together in the administration of the church in Bade. For the convenience of his service, he was living on the third floor of the meeting hall in Bade. Every morning some saints who were living in the vicinity of the meeting hall would come to the meeting hall to have morning revival with him. Every week he would visit the saints in Bade or go to serve in other churches at a definite time.  In the second half of the prayer and service meeting in the church in Bade, brother Liu would lead us to enter into various aspects of service such as being on duty in the meeting hall, children, young people, the Lord’s table meeting, prayer meeting, and gospel preaching, etc. Through Brother Liu’s service, the number of the saints in the church in Bade increased gradually and the service was gradually brought onto the right track as well. Brother Liu was the one whom we knew, loved the Lord, absolutely followed the ministry, was diligent in his spiritual exercise, and could be a pattern for the saints.

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