• Bro. Runhuan Liu •

Brother Liu’s Difficult and Trying Labor in the Church in Chungli

Brother Lichuan Liu

In the Church in Yangmei

Brother Liu came to the church in Chungli in about 1966 to continue Brother Yuan qi-an’s service. At that time, the church in Chungli was just the six villages and towns in south Taoyuan, including Chungli, Yangmei, Pingzhen, Longtan, Xinwu, and Guanyin. These villages and towns covered a vast area with three meeting halls: Chungli, Zhongzhen, and Shimen reservoir (which currently is Jia-an meeting hall in Longtan ). The number of the saints was not large, and most of them were the soldiers with their families coming from mainland China, and they scattered in various places. The number of the local saints in Chungli was small.

We just encountered the two turmoils happened two years ago. One turmoil was a great storm, which was incited by Duanyi Jiang from the New Testament Church scattered away many brothers and sisters; the other turmoil was that the so-called “Four Great Spiritual Men” among us usurped the meeting hall in Shimen resevoir. We finally managed to took back the meeting hall, there were only few saints left.

The harshness of the outward environment, plus the need to be restricting in his eating due to Brother Liu’s hypertension and diabetes caused the misunderstanding of the brother who guarded the meeting hall and served in the kitchen and made him very unhappy. Therefore Brother Liu had to use a stainless steel mug and an electic stove to cook by himself for himself to eat three meals a day.

Under such a difficult situation, he still unyieldingly and diligently took care of the saints in various places. Since I was not free in the army, I just accompanied him to visit brothers and sisters occasionally when I took a vacation. Although he was so lonely, and his living and service were so hard, he still persistently and diligently traveled and cared for the church. Until he served the saints to such an extent that they had a heart of loving the Lord, knew the truth, and the elders were appointed, then he left.

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