• Bro. Runhuan Liu •

Brother Liu’s Support of the Church in Yangmei

Brother Lichuan Liu

In the Church in Yangmei

In all the hard days of my Christian life, it was Brother Liu who accompanied me to pass through. In 1975 I had a spiritual turn after I was discharged from the army. I moved to Banqiao to live near his house. At that time I was very negative and weak. But he and his wife often invited me to his home for fellowship and love feast. And their cherishing and nourishing encouraged me to raise up again to walk.

In 1988 the storm arose in Hong Kong blew to Taiwan. The Church in Yangmei was the one suffering loss most; brothers and sisters moved away and scattered away. The brothers before us fellowshipped that we rented another house to meet. This was also my harshest and most sorrowful day. Therefore I came to Brother Liu in Bangqiao for fellowship and invited him to help us, and he consented generouly. Every Lord’s Day he would come to Yangmei to support us. At that time he just withdrew from the work and was sorting out the short hand notes of Brother Lee’s messages released before 1960.

Since the spring of 1991, whether it rained, or blew, or the sun blazed, Brother Liu would take the train and walk to the meeting hall on Zhongshan Road in Yangmei on time. We had ever said that we would pick him up in the railway station, but he declined. He was just doing in this way, weathering the wind, rain, and sun to climb the hill to accompany us by himself for more than one year. Until the situation of our meeting was stable, then he stopped. This period of time was the harshest days for the Church in Yangmei. Brother Liu was not arranged and sent by the work, but he supported and helped us in love in this way that the church in Yangmei could grow up like today. This caused me to be encouraged by him and also have an eternal rememberance of him within my heart.

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