• Bro. Runhuan Liu •

Our Spiritual Guide—a Nursing Father

Brother Dongsheng Lin and Sister Yushan Lin Sun

In the Church in Guishan

After getting married, I was revived again by the Lord, loved the Lord fervently, and raised up to serve the church. However, because I was too young, I could do nothing. The Lord sent Brother Liu came to us. He charged us to read several books such as The Normal Christian Life, Church Affairs, The Elder’s Management of the Church, The Normal Christian Church Life, The Character of the Lord’s Worker that we might have a basic knowlege. In the aspect of practice he also accompanied us all the way and frequently fellowshipped with us for the service until midnight. At that time we were still young, yet he had been an elder brother with an age of over sixty.

Due to his perfecting, I made a big spiritual breakthrough. Under impossible circumstances, as a working saint, I registered to attend the winter training in the ministry station in Irving, Texas, United States. This ministry station was used for the first time since its completion. That participation in the training and visiting of the church truly enlightened me to see the reality of the Body of Christ. This greatly strenghtened me that after my returning, I might live the church life, be delivered from my vain manner of life, and function properly in the church.

At that time the number of the saints in Guishan gradually increased from a dozen to fifty to sixty. We preached the gospel nearly every week, and even went out as a gospel parade; everyone took a drum, and the sound of the drums was great enough to shake the heavens, and we had an invincible morale. When we preached the gospel by door-knocking, Brother Liu were coordinating with us. We not only climbed the hills, but also went up and down the five-storey apartments without electric elevators. We preached the gospel by door-knocking apartment aftert apartment. Since Brother Liu did not say tired, we, the young saints, dare not ask that we had a rest or shout tired either. The fruits being baptized at that time are still serving in the church now. He lived with us, moved with us, and fought the battle with us in this way. He truly perfected us in every aspect: serving people, handling affairs, and adminisrating the church. He always transmitted carefully and taught slowly.

When I encountered the spiritual problems, I also come privately to him  for fellowship, and he frequently used the Lord’s word to enlighten me. The Lord’s living word was operative, after a little while, I just crossed the threshold of my spiritual problems. Thank the Lord! In the process of my growing in life, he had accompanied me to walk a rather long way. He was the pattern in whom we could put our trust. He was apt to teach and was willing to supply life. He led us, the innocent ones, to a point where we could bear a little of the Lord’s testimony. Thank you, Brother Liu. We would follow your footstep of faith to move forward for our whole life.

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