• Bro. Runhuan Liu •

Reminiscing the Lord’s Servant—Brother Runhuan Liu

Brother Xianzong Zheng

In the Church in Taoyuan city

Brother Runhuan Liu, the Lord’s servant, had a profound relationship with the church in Taoyuan city. Altogether he came to serve in Taoyuan three times, and rendered us much spiritual help. The first time when he came to serve in Taoyuan was in 1952. Soon the Lord’s table was established, and the Lord’s testimony was raised up. This was the first golden lampstand in the thirteen villages and towns of Taoyuan county. Following that, gospel had the outreach by preaching. As a result of the Lord’s blessing, currently there is a golden lampstand of the Lord in every town and every village of Taoyuan county. This was the good foundation that Brother Runhuan Liu had laid for us. The third time when Brother Liu came to serve in Taoyuan city was in 1979. At that time, I was just a young adult with an age of over thirty, learning to serve in the church and receiving the perfecting from him in various aspects such as life, character, truth, gospel, service, etc. What made him delight in talking about was that he designed a brothers’ rest room in the attic of the former Taoyuan meeting hall that the room might be made best use of. He frequently said that when Brother Lee came to visit, he himself climbed the small stairs to the attic to pay a visit.

He ever led us to participate the gospel parades with drums to preach gospel on the street. The glorious parade not only made us excited in our spirit, but also attracted the eyes of the residents and the passersby. Just as the Bible says: “How beautiful are the feet of those who announce the news of good things!” These had left a good memory for our church life as well.

Brother Liu was the one trusting in the Lord. He had four children, thus his burden of living was very heavy. However, in the need of material riches, he completely looked to the Lord’s provision and supply. The Lord also blessed him that he might lack nothing and have an excess of prosperity.

He was a brother who disciplined himself strictly. He did not eat the garlic before meeting. He said lest the odor of the garlic should smell unpleasant and stumble others. He was the one taking care of others in a tender way.

After Brother Liu left Taoyuan to return to Banqiao, I visited him several times to fellowship with him and seek the spiritual help from him. Once I made a serious mistake, then I and the saints came to him for fellowship. He rendered me help in love, enlightening me to know how to repent.

When Brother Liu was in mainland China in the early years, he himself received the leading from Brother Watchman Nee. Brother Liu can take the shorthand notes. The book The Orthodoxy of the Church, published by Taiwan Gospel Book Room, was sorted out from the notes taken by Brother Liu at that time. Moreover, many messages released by Brother Witness Lee in the early days in Taiwan were taken as shorthand notes by Brother Liu. In his later days Brother Liu helped Taiwan Gospel Book Room sort out these messages, which became the spiritual assets for the church.

Now our beloved Brother Liu rested. He had finished the course and became our pattern and encouragement. May the Lord remember his labor in his whole life and bless the posterity of the righteous as well.

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