• Bro. Runhuan Liu •

Remembering Brother Runhuan Liu in the Lord

Brother Shikuang Ke

In the Church in Hualien

Brother Runhuan Liu was sent by the work in the early years to serve in Hualien for two to three years. In our impression, he was a man who prayed frequently and lived under the shadow of cross. He was obedient with no contention and cared for the saints. He always visited, encouraged, and comforted the saints and ministered the divine word. He was indeed our pattern in shepherding.

Brother Liu was also teaching and perfecting some saints to learn to serve the Lord, gave us the vision of service, helped us how to serve, and established the proper service of being on duty. His Body-consciousness was very keen, not overstepping the authority, learning to obey, and helping many people with life supply in a hidden way. Brother Liu spoke little, but the pattern that he had lived out was deeply engraved on our brothers’ and sisters’ hearts.

Although Brother Liu did not serve in Hualien for a long time, what he had left for us was a pattern as a God-man. He deeply felt that what revealed and helped him most was Brother Nee’s word: “All is a matter of God’s mercy.” It was His mercy that He chose us; it was His mercy that he placed us in His Recovery; it was His mercy that we might serve until today; it was His mercy that guarded us from stumbling; it was His mercy that…. If we receive such a revelation, we would not only be not proud or presumptuous, but more live under His mercy day by day and moment by moment, advance by His mercy day by day, and look to God’s mercy moment by moment. Our beloved Brother Liu was such a pattern living before God. May we also follow his footsteps to move forward. Amen! Hallelujah!

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