• Bro. Runhuan Liu •

Remembering Brother Runhuan Liu

Brother Qiu Xiande and Sister Qiu Chen Shuhui

In the Church in Banqiao

He, was not only an elderly saint, but more a brave warrior fighting for the battle. Even until few days before he was hospitalized because of getting a fever, he still compelled himself to be supported by others to go to the meeting. Not only before the Lord, but also among the saints, what he had done was just as he had said: “Concerning the way of the Lord, we need to be desperate.” The manner and pattern he had left surely encouraged all the saints. What has touched us from Brother Liu is:

A. Flourishing in spirit: He was a person living in the presence of God. In these years, because he was physically weak, he spoke little before man. However, he had been always manifesting a rejoicing expression without any anxiety, which testified that he had been fellowshipping with the Lord deep within. Sometimes in the meeting, when we asked him to pray, he had always been transcending the limitation of his body to release his spirit with his whole strength. This left a deep impression on us.

B. Shepherding in love: I heard that many saints had testified how they had received the supply from Brother Liu. He diligently visited the saints. He was not only very fine in cherishing in humanity, but also supplied and sheperded in the Lord’s word in many ways. Many families and individual saints were refreshed because of his shepherding. Especially his many subjective experiences before God had become the timely help to the saints.

C. Striving desperately: He was living on the second floor in an apartment. If he wanted to attend the Thursday meeting for the elderly saints, according to his physical weakness, he had to be supported to walk downstairs slowly, and very unconvenient to get on and get off the car. As a result, it would take a fairly long time. However, due to his desperation and absoluteness, no matter how cold the weather was, and no matter how heavy the rain was, these still could not frustrate his strong and firm will. From him, I could see what Brother Lee had said:“We need to use the choice of the ‘will’ created in our soul by God in the proper things, especially in the things of God.” When he saw the young brothers coordinate to minister, he had always been listening attentively and supporting with smiles.

D. Following faithfully: In his early years, he received the perfecting and help from such brothers as Watchman Nee, Witness Lee, and Yu-lan Chang, etc. He saw clearly in the spirit and firmly believed in his heart the ministry raised up by the Lord in this age. Therefore, although passing though many turmoils, he had been firm and immovable all that time. He told the brothers: “As long as an individual or a church follows the ministry, surely they will be blessed.” He specifically reminded the brothers that when we were serving the Lord and taking the way of the Lord, we must give heed to our being, intention, and motive before the Lord. Even concerning the lastest turmoil, the elder brother was also sober within. Thank the Lord that because of his faithfulness plus the brothers closely following the ministry, the church was kept to be immovable in the turmoil and able to advance positively in the fellowship of the Body of Christ.

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