• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Time and Events of Brother Zhanxiang Liu

1916: Born in Wujiang District, Jiangsu Province.

1916-1947: He grew up in Wujiang District, Jiangsu Province. Graduated from Wujiang Normal school, he taught elementary in the countryside till the Anti-Japanese War. After being saved, he pursued the Lord earnestly. Right after that, he answered the Lord’s calling, to spread the gospel prevailingly. When he studied in Theology School in Shanghai, he met Brother Watchman Nee, which lead him to the Lord’s Recovery.

1947: Going to Taiwan, got work in Taichung at Dadu paper mill’s add-on elementary school.

1948: Marrying Sister Yu Ho Wen.

1949: Beginning to serve full-time in Taipei.

1952: Immigrating to Hualien for propagation, and simultane-ously shepherding all the churches in Taitung County.

1954: Coming back to serve in Taipei.

1956: Immigrating to Yilan, and simultaneously shepherding the churches in Lanyang area.

1961: Immigrating to Yuanlin district to serve.

1961: Immigrating to Gangshan to serve.

1965: Immigrating to Hsingchu to serve.

1965: Immigrating to Changhua to serve.

1968: Immigrating to Hualien the second time to serve in the churches in Hualien and Taitung district.

1972: Suffering a stroke in his right body.

1974: Coming back to Shipei, Taipei to serve and recuperate.

1985: Lefting aside painful ailments and sleeping in the Lord’s bosom.

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