• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Suffering Stroke

Thank God, that I received the visitation of the Lord to be kept until now through saints’ long-term prayer for me in all aspects in the Lord.

I got diagnosed with cellular inflammatory disease and in addition to the stroke since the beginning of September. My body suffered a great loss. After my suffering pain for tens of days, my body weight has reduced to 108 pounds. Although the pain has been past, the wound, which was as big as a silver dollar, is still open. Maybe it can be healed after half a month.

Two-month’s cellular inflammatory disease exacerbated my stroke. The doctor said that my stroke should have been healed completely at present without the cellular inflammatory disease. Currently, I still followed the doctor’s instructions to do physical exercise and to receive the electrotherapy. I receive the electrotherapy for two and a half hours once in the morning and for two and a half hours once in the afternoon. Therefore, I receive the electrotherapy for over five hours in a whole day. Recently, my body had a slightest improvement, I could walk for half an hour without the aid of crutches the day before yesterday. Yesterday I went out to walk with the help of a crutch for 40 minutes to have a haircut in a barber’s shop. If the Lord have mercy, I can know the prognosis at the end of the year. May the Lord have mercy on me.

I haven’t exchanged letters with others for six months on the account that I had a stroke in my right body. Although my wife wrote letters for me during this period of time, there were still some limitations…I haven’t written all the replies to my correspondence. That the letter was written to me by brother Dawei Zhang with his left hand greatly encouraged me, thus, I also exercised to write the letter with my left hand currently. This letter was the second one that I had wrote with my left hand.

Brother in the Lord, Zhanxiang Liu

November 2, 1972

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