• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

The Mainlander Preacher Mr. Zhanxiang Liu
during the February 28 Incident

In Testimonials at the 80th Anniversary of the Dadu (Presbyterian) Church, Uncle Penghu’s Sermons, vol. 11 (473), where the author Mr. Chunchang Lu narrated the ten great events that impressed him so deeply that he would never forget in his life when he was in the Dadu (Presbyterian) church, he mentioned the mainlander preacher Mr. Zhanxiang Liu during the February 28 incident. The excerpt are as follows:

During the February 28 incident, because our church once protected the mainlander preacher (Mr. Zhanxiang Liu) and gave materials to the mainlanders (they were gathered in one place and forbidden to go out) in the paper mill for condolence, we were abused and beaten up by vagrants (Shortie Yin).

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