• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

The Operating of the Spirit of Joy

I have come to Gangshan according to the Lord’s leading and the arrangement of the brothers. Thank the Lord! Because of His mercy, during the past three months, the Lord’ word has been quite bright, and it truly was timely to meet the need for the saints here. Recently all kinds of meetings have become better, and over 100 saints attend the Lord’s Table meeting. The spirit of joy often operates in the meeting. Brothers and sisters have quite high education level, so that it was extremely easy for them to receive the Lord’s word. Henceforth, if we could keep up with the Lord’s leading, the Lord’s testimony here would be manifested.

At the beginning of the year we preached the gospel and the reaction of the church and friends were very good. There were 25 brothers and sisters being baptized into the Lord, and they were normal towards the Lord after the baptism. Currently I am quite busy on the work. In the morning there are often some brothers and sisters coming to the meeting hall for fellowship. I have meetings every evening except one. In the afternoon I take my son to visit saints, and the Lord’s presence is always with us.

The Lord has a new beginning among the sisters here. If a sister who works could come to lead the meeting for several days, the supply would be certainly great.

In the Lord, brother Zhanxiang Liu,

February, 21th, 1962

Address: Qianfeng Road 120, Gangshan

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