• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

The Remembered One Far Gone,
the Role Model Everlasting

My Mother Looks Very Similar to Samuel’s Aunt

It was 1976 when I first met my future father-in-law. At that time, my whole meet in Hall one of Church in Taipei, brother Samuel (Chen-Shi) was there as well, we’ve just started dating. One day my father-in-law says to Samuel: “I saw a sister that looks a lot like my biological sister when meeting in Hall One. If you want to know what your aunt looks like, just look at her.” Then take Samuel to privately point out which one. Unexpectedly, he pointed to my mother, this is such a miraculous coincidence.

After our engagement, Samuel finished his education at Graduate School of National Taiwan University and proceed to the compulsory military service. I would always go visit the patriarch once a week. I’ve heard from other saints say that my father-in-law was once “the small steel cannon”, because his voice was clear when preaching, having a powerful spirit, his eyes were intense, and he has authority when preaching gospel, even sometimes curing the sick and driving out demons. But when I got to know him, he already got stroke, and I never got a chance to see what he was like in his prime.

Love and Care for the Children Overflowing in Their Speaking and Conduct

But every time going to Shipai District, Taipei to visit and talk, is like the freshness of spring! I feel that is also the most joyful family time for father-in-law and mother-in-law. This is when Ming-Shi and Li-Shi are studying and working in USA, Chen-Shi serving in the army, youngest brother Ling-Shi is hospitalized. Every time I ride my moped and arrived at the Shipai home, the counter is filled with snacks and fruits. They’re playing the role of elderly parents, waiting at the door for their grown-up children to return, and I am like an innocent kid, just waiting to try and taste. I am happy to share everything with them, like a kid playing dress up to entertain the parents.

Aside from eating snacks, and chatting, the main attraction for every visit is to read Ming-Shi’s mail from overseas (sometimes also Li-Shi’s). From school, to work, to their kids, church life, etc, etc, all kinds of things big and small, brought so much joy. These precious letters had been read over and over, with much intercession. The love and care for the children overflows in their speaking and conduct.

Walking When Going to the Meeting,
Flying When Coming Back from Meeting

There was a time when I asked him how he met brother Watchman Nee? What’s brother Watchman Nee like when speaking? It was when he was in Shanghai studying in Theology School, he heard that Brother Nee has a special meeting, so he partnered up with other classmates to sneak out to attend. Later the school administration found out, all the other classmates got written up and expelled, only he was fine. Brother Nee’s preaching is not excited, contains no clamor and no stirring up; instead of being rushed, it meanders. But every sentence is like a sharp sword, that stabs deeply into the hearts of men. Lukewarm on the podium, yet everyone sitting beneath the podium is fiery boiling, the meeting is filled with the work of the Holy Spirit. My father-in-law says: when going to the meeting, we walked there; but we flew back when coming back from the meeting. Goes to show that he has touched the spirit and transcend such experiences at the time.

Way Is a New Way, Covenant Is a New Covenant

In 1984, brother Lee came to the Far East to lead the practice of the new way. Father-in-law passed away in the winter of 1985. This just so happens to be before the birth of Li-Shi’s oldest daughter in 1983, father-in-law named her: “Hsin-Lu” (New Way). Prophesizing that brother Lee will lead the practice of the new way. Later brother Lee lead a group of saints (including Samuel) to translate the Chinese New Testament Recovery version of the Bible. in 1987 on the day after the first draft that finishes, I gave birth to my daughter, brother Lee gave her the name: “Hsin-Yueh” (New Covenant/Testament). Thy[God’s] Covenant, thy ways are new. These two forerunner coworkers truly had fellowship in the Spirit.

Now his children and grandchildren serves in the churches in various regions, or even full time serving Christ and the Church, truly something that can only happen when covered by the righteous. Such is the fond memories I recall of my father-in-law, this remembered one is far gone, but the role model he set is everlasting.


Yen-Chin Liu-Ke (Peace Liu)

2016 in the Church of Ontario, CA, USA

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