• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

A Hard-working, and Humble
Wonderful Role Model

Brother’s Testimony Is Really Great,
His Wife’s Testimony as Well

Decades ago the father of the brother Samuel Liu, brother Zhanxiang Liu told a joke: “The world’s second most unfortunate people are the full- time serving ones.” Then someone asked: “Who is the first most unfortunate one?” He answered: “the wife of a full-timer.” For the full-timers had many brothers and sisters to appreciate them, to invite them to love feasts … but no one invite their wives. Especially in terms of lack of material funds, their wives felt it more deeply. They also worked the hardest on all aspects of the service. Therefore, in the future they will definitely receive a great reward before the Lord.

Children Turning Out Great Has to Do
with Parental Influence

The testimony lived out by Zhanxiang Liu was really great, so was that of his wife. They had four children: one daughter and three sons. Their daughter, Maritha, whose husband is brother Keh Shin Lii, now serving in California, America. His Eldest son Samuel Liu also is serving full-time. His second-born son Benjamin Liu now is serving full-time in Jerusalem. His youngest son, Ling-Shi Liu is also pretty smart. His children, Ming-Shi, Chen-Shi, Li-Shi are really good. They turned out great, because it has everything to do with their parents’ influence.

Things Others Would Not Like to Do, He Did;
Things That Others Did Not Want to Receive, He Received

Brother Zhan Xiang is from Zhejiang (his parents moved to Jiangsu). He began to love the Lord as soon as he got saved, and went to the Bible college. Before he graduated, he encountered the Lord’s recovery and instantly devoted himself to it. After graduation he went to Taiwan for propagation (He came to Hualien to serve as well). He was very humble, full of compassion. Things others would not like to do, he did; things that others did not want to receive, he received. At the beginning there were a dozen of saints in the church of Taipei. I was one of them whom he came to take care of. (Note: Later, brother Zhanxiang Liu and his wife also introduced brother Liu Suey and his wife to get married.)

At that time there was a brother from Shanghai to Taiwan to work as a manager of Dadu Paper Factory in Taichung. He recommended brother Zhanxiang Liu to work in that factory. Every Saturday brother Zhanxiang came to Taipei by the slow clanking train to visit and take care of us. After the concluding of the meeting on the Lord’s day, he tirelessly took the train back to Taichung. Later the number of people increased gradually.

Serving Humbly, Diligently, and Laborously

Before 1949 Brother Lee has not come to Taiwan yet, but he sent the co-workers—brother Zhang Wuchen and brother Sun Fenlu to come first to Taiwan. Brother Watchman Nee and brother Lee sent a joint letter that they were establishing some brothers as elders. At the time I just got career, and I was blindly zealous. I thought in myself, why was brother Zhanxiang Liu not appointed as an elder? At that time several of them gathered in Japanese-style house on the old Shanghai Road to pray and fellowship with the paper door closed. I was not convinced, I felt very unhappy: Why was brother Liu not invited? Therefore, I decided to complain to brother Lee as soon as he came to Taiwan. Because I knew Brother Lee when I was in Shanghai, so I was more familiar with brother Lee. I said: “Why do not they bring brother Liu to hold the responsibility together?” (Now I’m talking about my own old shame). After brother Lee listened to my word, he did not scold me, nor did he say anything as if nothing had happened.

What I mean is that for many years he has been serving humbly, diligently, and laboriously. Those coming from Hualien know as well. Later he suffered a stroke, and moved to hall 14 in Shipai, Taipei. I really owe him. His example is one of bearing hardships to serve with no exaltation. Amazingly, one by one, all of his children love the Lord and serve the Lord. I had to come to a conclusion that our brother never complained at home, he never said that someone has wronged him, and he never said that the church has wronged him. This is certain. If he has said: we should not suffer losses in the way of the service.. in front of his children at home. Then his children would not choose to walk on the way of serving the Lord. However, all their children love the Lord and serve the Lord, proving that they are the genuine lover of the Lord. Samuel Liu’s mother was also really great, serving together by standing on the coordinating position.

Except from Brother Liu Suey’s fellowship with the full-timers and family from Hsinchu and Miaoli district, July 29, 2014

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