• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

When You Meet Him,
You Will See the Lord’s Meekness and Lowliness

Called by God to Serve the Lord Full-time

Under the arrangement of the Lord, my family arrived to Taiwan in 1947 (36th year of the Republic of China) because of my husband’s work. Before we went, we knew nothing about the spiritual life in Taiwan. Later when we heard that a few saints had already arrived there first, we were truly overjoyed. Brother Zhanxiang Liu was one of them. At that time he had already been called by God to go to Taiwan to serve the Lord full time through faith.

Soon my mother, sister Yuehua Zhang, also came to Taiwan. She came to help me in one month postpartum care because I was going to have my first child. During those days China was experiencing tremendous change, namely the transition of the political power between the two parties. After my childbirth, all travels between the Mainland and Taiwan needed to pass through strict inspection and gradually the communication between the two places came to a halt. So we decided to let my mother temporally stay in Taiwan. At that time my mother had been a person called by God to serve the Lord, so spontaneously she began to serve in coordination with brother Zhanxiang Liu.

When You Meet Him,
You will See the Lord’s Meekness and Lowliness

Once you meet brother Liu, you would feel that he was one with the rich life of the Lord, using spiritual terminology today, he was a God-man. When you met him, you will see the Lord’s meekness and lowliness.

Preach the Gospel to Hokkien-Speakers by Prayer,
Many Saved

At that time I rode a bicycle to teach classes. When I was about to change another bicycle which was more suitable for me, I heard that brother Liu was looking for a used bicycle. My mother suggested that brother Liu could take my bicycle. I thought that it would take him two or three days to learn how to ride it. To my surprise he, through prayer, rode it right away. I thought to myself that this was truly a God-man! Meanwhile, through prayer he preached the gospel to the Hokkien-speakers. Unexpectedly, many people who could only speak Hokkien also get saved! Thank the Lord that the work of the Holy Spirit is unstoppable!

Wherever There Was a Need He Would Go;
Never Took Personal Gains or Losses into Consideration

In 1948 brother Lee and several co-workers also came to Taiwan under the current situation. Then this gentle and lowly brother Liu moved to work in the area of Taitung and Hualien, but he still cared for some work in the west. Hence, he was busy with traveling nearly all day long. Wherever there was a need, he would go. He never took personal gains or losses into consideration.

I recall that during the period when we were in Taipei and when Mainland compatriots had not come to Taiwan in quantity, our meeting attendance was about 20 and one of them was sister Wen who was single. Brother Liu and sister Wen were the same age. We all cared about them, don’t want them to serve single for life and that they should marry and start a family. They themselves willingly subject to accept the arrangement of the Lord. Then we, this small church, gladly arranged a simple wedding for them. The wedding was simple, but through prayer in the spirit, consecration to the lord, the significance was profound. At that time I even helped the bride with some makeup. Henceforth, brother Liu began to serve the Lord in the unit of the family and the Lord’s work on them was expanded!

Open Fellowship When Meeting Every Time

After those days I, following my husband, and often stayed abroad. Sometimes I went back to Taiwan to see my mother and stay for one month or two. I heard from my mother that brother Liu always came to visit her. As long as brother Liu heard that my mother do not feel well or sad, he would immediately go to visit and comfort her. As far as me, the daughter overseas, was concerned, although there were relatives who were dedicated to take care of my mother in Taiwan, the Lord seemed to intentionally add an extra layer of protection and consideration for my mother, so that she would be strengthened to serve her portion.

My Good Slave, Enter into the Joy of Your Master

I would always live in Taiwan for one or two months every year. Before leaving I would always go to Taipei to visit brother Liu and his wife. Even now I could still remember that we had open fellowship each time we met. We fellowshipped about the work of God on the whole earth, how many churches were raised up in some place, and consecrated people and how much revelation we got ourselves. Last, we also talked about the spiritual situation of our children and the perfecting work of God on them. In the end, filled with great joy, we always gave our thanks and praises to the Lord.

After brother Liu went to the Lord, I always felt a lack each time I went back to Taiwan. He has become a role model in my heart. I am convinced that he must have heard that the Lord said, “My good slave, enter into the joy of your master!” Amen!

Zhangjuan Chen

Church in Anaheim

December 1, 2015

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