• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Advancing Forward Steadfastly

Peace to Brother Wuchen in the Lord:

Currently, in Lanyang Area, besides the meeting place in Yilan City, there are also meeting places in such localities as Su’ao Town, Neicheng Village, Yueming New village, and Toucheng Town, Wangfu, etc. I attend the meetings at least two times a week in each place apart from Wangfu. In Yilan City, the nearly about 30 people attended the meeting in the morning of the Lord’s Day, while more than 20 people in the evening. In Neicheng Village, located far from Yilan within a distance of 10 kilometers, there are more than 30 brother, who originally attended the meetings in Yilan. Then the attended the meetings in Neicheng Village, for they themselves had built a meeting hall where about 20 people attended the meeting every time. The meetings in Toucheng, with the current number of 10 brothers and sisters, are still in brother Yipeng Zhou’s house. In Su’ao, the speaking and the bread-breaking are combined together in one meeting where brother Xuchen hold more responsibility for the releasing of the Word. About 20 people participated in the meeting every Lord’s Day as a result of the attending of the veteran brothers nearby. There are nearly 20 saints in Su’ao Town, near which is Yuemin new village, where there are about 20 brothers meeting. I attended the meetings above 12 times every week and contacted about 80~100 saints within a week.

In general, the Lord’s presence can be felt in the meetings of every locality. The saints are steadier than before. Though having no obvious propagation, the saints advanced gradually in a steady way.

Recently, I felt that my capacity of inheriting the grace was too small! I always thought that it is not a matter of not receiving the grace, nor is a matter of not ministering, but is a matter of my small capacity and limited function that cannot issue in greater blessing. The so-called “small” means giving a great limitation to the Lord, that is, I still have many hidden problems that haven’t been enlightened or been dealt with yet. May my present feeling which was really like “green light signal” said by brother Witness, remind me that I should come to the Lord to receive mercy, to be revived, and to learn to rise up to advance in the fellowship of the Body.

If the Lord permits, I am very eager to visit the churches in south central Taiwan for the purpose of receiving some actual help. I am wondering if the Lord has such kind of leading. With Regards

The grace of the Lord be with you.

Your brother in the Lord, Zhanxiang Liu

November 9

Address: 85, Weishui Road, Yilan, Taiwan

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