• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

No Major Damage as the Typhoon Passed

When Typhoon Shirley passed this time, Yilan area has suffered great losses. Thank the Lord that there had not been any major damage to brothers and sisters’ homes and the meeting hall.

Suao area has suffered great losses that which has not been seen for decades. All the buildings around our small rented meeting hall are damaged seriously, but the meeting hall is without any damage. Although few brothers and sisters in Suao suffered a false alarm, they have had a little material loss, and the people are all safe. We were full of thanks and worship while praying together last night.

In Neicheng village, Yuanshan town, the meeting hall which was consecrated and built up by the brothers has suffered the damages of about several hundred yuan, and the brothers has already started repairing it.

The brothers and sisters in Yilan city, except for some minor damages of a few, and the meeting hall, are all safe. Thank the Lord that He care for those who belong to Him.

The Grace of the Lord be with you.

In the Lord, brother Zhanxiang Liu

August 3th, 1960

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