• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

An Elder with the Gift of Evangelist

The Second Wave of the Revival
of the Lord’s Recovery in Taiwan

In a fellowship love feast for Chinese speaking responsible brothers in Southern California, brother Witness Lee asked me when I was baptized. I told him that it was in 1952 when I was in my second grade of junior high school in Taitung, Taiwan. Then after thinking for a while, he told me that it was the second wave of the revival of the Lord’s Recovery in Taiwan. Today, 63 years later, when I recalled the scene when I was saved, I am still full of thanksgiving.

Simultaneously Shepherding All the Churches
in Taitung County

At that time, the church in Taitung just began the Lord’s Table meeting, and there were not many saints. The meeting hall was retrofitted from a Japanese-styled house. The wall between two rooms were broken through, and some long benches were added in, so it could hold about more than 20 people. The responsible brothers were brother Chun Chen, the former elder of the church in Lukang, and brother Heling Chen, the father of Chen Tao who is the current responsible brother of the church in Taitung, uncle Heling Chen, he was my late father’s friend. When there were conferences for edifying believers or preaching the gospel, they would invite brother Zhanxiang Liu, who served in the church in Hualien, to come for coordination and strengthening. Brother Liu simultaneously shepherded for the churches in Taitung county.

The Gospel Message with the Authority of the Holy Spirit

Brother Chun Chen and I were classmates from elementary school through high school. He invited me to go to the gospel meeting. In the meeting I remembered that we song the gospel hymn 1006: There is a fountain filled with blood, / Drawn from Immanuel’s veins….” As I sang, the great love of the Lord in the hymn touched me. Besides, when brother Liu, with his booming voice, released the gospel message concerning the power of the Lord’s salvation, he does with the authority of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, in that very evening, the Lord conquered me, and I repented and believed the Savior Who lay down His life and shed His blood for me.

Thank the Lord! Through the gifted member of His Body, His Body increased. Glory be to the Lord!

Brother Joseph Cheng

November 13th, 2015

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