• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Delicate and Graceful Service

Brother Zhanxiang Liu also had served me, mainly serving my family. At that time, when I was still young, he had very great influence on my mother in my impression. My mother was a widow, and the one who came to my home to take care of her and affect her was the wife of brother Liu, a co-worker. My mother’s spiritual situation was mostly learned from sister Liu. So I often encourage young co-workers and their sisters.

With brother Liu, I had a very deep impression. I remembered that my younger sister wasn’t admitted to the high school in Hualien, so she had to take the entrance examination for the school in Taitung. I thought that my mother would ask someone to take her to go there. Turns out, brother Zhanxiang Liu personally came to pick my sister to go toTaitung that day. I asked my mother, “Is there anyone else? Why does uncle Liu come?” My mother said, “Because brother Liu have the burden!” Brother Liu’s service was delicate as such, though a child, he still served personally. He took my sister to Taitung by train, and lived in a brother’s home, that is, Liying Zhang’s father. After two days’ examination, they came back to Hualien by train. Compared with brother Liu’ service, ours is quite inferior!

Brother Chuanyi Dong, the church in Hsinchu

December 18th, 2015

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